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Nan In Search of Clarity–Day 28

IMG_0188Another good day–how lovely that they’re more frequent and I kinda think that writing is helping that happen. Another thing that’s happening is that the people in my head are talking to me again. Ideas are spinning round and I’m plotting and dialoguing and building characters. I’m in Discovery–which, according to my wondrous editor Lani involves not just thinking about my book, but also absorbing narrative with books and movies and TV.

I didn’t do a soundtrack for my last book, but this one, I think, needs a soundtrack, so I’ve started listening to music on my iPod and figuring out which songs will work for this story. And I’m going to do something I’ve never done for a book before–I’m going to find pictures of people who fit the characters in my head. Usually, I have a face in my head and rarely do they look like an actor or a person who’s famous. Sometimes they are people I know or amalgamations of people I know, but mostly they’re just characters from my imagination. This will be different for me.

It’s been good for me to be outside and working in the yard–very satisfying to see the results of our hard work and it made me anxious to go to the nursery and start buying herbs and plants. Yard work is a good time to write in my mind–I can do the work with my hands but be elsewhere in my head… not at all a bad thing…

Five Things I’m Grateful for Today:

  1. A sweet text from PJ–she read yesterday’s blog and needed to remind me that I’m a good sister. Thanks, PJ! I love you!
  2. Love working on a test for a new client.
  3. The backyard is cleaned up and ready for spring planting!
  4. Got to see Grandboy and Son tonight on Skype!
  5. Watched the new episode of Outlander this afternoon after yard work–what an amazing series!



  • Carol M

    Lani’s discovery process of using place card photos for characters has helped me, often use a couple or three as an amalgamation of the character. Jenny Cruise has some absolutely gorgeous collages for her books on her web site.

    Yes, gardening and book discovery work well together. I’ve been getting ready for new plants and transplanting some to a better location after last years re-vamp. A few peonies have been popping up in the oddest places. A few pieces of root migrated. And, all the while, writing a new chapter, praying for everyone, and revamping the kitchen in my head. Gotta love gardening. Multi-tasking indeed.

    So glad you are having better days. Cheers to you, Nan. I, too, love your gratitude lists. Makes me remember to be thankful and realize how blessed I am.