Nan In Search of Clarity–Day 24

Nothing but joy today–it’s true. It has been a joyful, peaceful day and I’m so thankful for it.

We just got home from the Allisonville Christian Church–Arts at Allisonville production of The Wizard of Oz. Who knew there Wizcould be so much talent in one congregation and tonight’s event just made us even happier we’ve thrown our lot in with this wonderful church. Delightful play and even more delightful players, including my sister PJ, who was a townsperson in Oz and in the chorus. So fun to watch her up there!

This morning, I went to the gym and spent an hour working hard in the pool–it felt great! Then I came home, got a bunch of little tasks done that needed doing. Nothing major, just stuff I’ve been putting off–crossed about eight things off my list. Whew! Also got to spend about half an hour on the phone with Dee just talking. A very good thing.

I looked up some new knitting patterns on the Internet today and tomorrow I’m going to go to Michael’s to buy some more cotton yarn. I love making dishcloths because they’re quick, fun, and an easy way to learn new patterns. I’m knitting! Me! Who knew? 😉

All in all, a good day and you know, even being at church felt good, too–no sad memories of Kate because tonight was all about PJ. I thought fleetingly how much Kate would’ve enjoyed the play, but otherwise, the fun was all mine…and PJ’s, of course.

Five Things I’m Grateful for Today:

  1. The Arts at Allisonville and everyone associated with tonight’s production
  2. Being back in the pool–gosh, it was grand!
  3. I tried the sit-ups on the balance ball again today and discovered that the pain in my side is definitely a pulled muscle–good to know.
  4. Saw Husband’s cousin at the play tonight–one of those 6-people away connections–but it was good to see her!
  5. Sunshine today, most all day.


  • Carol M

    What a lovely evening and day you had, Nan. Progress. My childhood beastie’s Mom knits cotton wash cloths every winter while she watches TV. Lucky me, she gave me 10 last year. I love them. I must learn how to knit them.

    • Nan

      It was lovely, Carol! Dishcloths are fun to do and a great way to learn to knit. I highly recommend the Sugar & Cream cotton yarn. Easy to work with and does a great job!

    • Nan

      It was and for some weird reason, those kind are surprising me right now. Maybe I expect to be sad and when I’m not, I’m amazed. Bises, baby!