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Memos (Borrowed Ideas Are the Sincerest Form of Flattery…)

My friend Lora at LitDiva does a nifty thing each month called Memos that I find fun and charming and witty. I thought I’d give it a try here. So, with a nod to LitDiva, here goes.

Dear Mother Nature,

I’m over the drought and the heat wave. The lake water was 90 degrees this weekend—really too warm to be all the refreshing. Temps in 100s and 90s can stop now.

Swelteringly yours,



Dear Walmart,

Love, love your Spring Valley Glucosamine/Chondroitin orange creme chews. Ever since I started using them, my arthritic  knees and hips actually move immediately when I rise from a seated position instead of  having to straighten slowly before I take a step. These things rock!

With great agility and very little creaking,



Dear Abba,

Watched Mama Mia this past weekend and it’s even better watching it up at the lake with good friends, but now I have the music stuck in my head. Pierce Brosnan’s voice is an earworm singing “When All Is Said and Done.” He won’t shut up!


Nan (The Dancing Queen)


Dear Little Ants in My Kitchen,

WTF??! Where did you come from and why are you on my counter top? Go away this instant! You’re icky and I don’t like you.




Dear Precious New Grandson,

We can’t wait to meet you! We’ll be there soon, and Pops and I plan to spend a week simply passing you back and forth. Get ready for massive hugs and kisses and stories and yes, I’ll admit it, lots of tears of joy.

Big love,



  • Skye

    OT: Nan, when is your book coming out in print? B&N didn’t even have it listed as being in their warehouse yet. I want a paper version, not an e-version because all I have to read with is my computer (which cannot handle the Kindle app because it’s too old) or my phone (and it’s kind of a pain reading an entire book on the phone, although I do it if necessary).

  • Skye

    Maybe we can make these memos a meme: I think I’ll try it next. 🙂

    I loved Mama Mia, once my mother made me watch it (she had a lot of pull, once she pulled the cancer card). So now I own her copy. Maybe I’ll watch it again tonight. And send my own vibes to follow your memo to studio execs. They’d have a whole new audience for romances, action movies, etc., starring “older” women! We have money, too. We are just more choosy about how we spend it.

    Love the pic of the baby. Can’t wait for more pics once you are there and squeezing him with hugs!!

  • Carol

    Congratulations you are a Nanny. Prepare for the best gift life gives you, a grand-child. Words cannot truly express how much love you have and will have everything you see him and watch him grow.

    Love the memos too. One of my favorite posts to read. Hope the weather cools for you. Enjoy your grand-baby. Cry all you want, joyous tears.

  • robena grant

    Oh, I love this. And what a great nod to the amazing Diva. She is such a talented writer.
    Mama Mia. I own the CD and watch it often. It is the quintessential good time movie. After watching it I sing for days, and find myself smiling. A lot. That’s good, right?

  • Diva

    Love it! Especially that gorgeous little snuggle bunny at the end! As for ants, I agree…we had a nasty batch of them in our bathroom and I tried the natural sugar bait thing but it skeezed me too much and we had to spray with chemicals. Ick. Makes me itchy thinking about them.

    I dug Mamma Mia sooo much. It was one of those films that looks like it was a blast to make. And so rarely do we see vibrant and clear and sexy roles for women over fifty. WHY is that? When most of the great actresses are over fifty???

    Hmm…dear movie studios: wtf? there are loads of awesome adult (grown up, not x rated) actresses who need dynamic and brilliant leading roles. so quit squandering your time and money on twenty year old chippies…make something with Michelle Pfeiffer or Emma Thomson or (dh votes for Miranda Richardson). Immediately! Sincerely, Diva.

    • Nan

      Thanks, Diva! Love your memo to the movie studios–I agree completely! I’ll see anything at all Meryl Streep does and part of the joy of Mama Mia is indeed watching the older actresses strut their stuff. You’re right about the attraction of the film being how obvious it was that they all had a blast making it! And yeah, I’m on my way to snuggle that little bunny soon!