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Mea Culpa

I’m not sure this is really a case of mea culpa or more a case of Nan realizing that something she hated is actually not all that bad, but here goes.

Last July, I posted a rant about smart phones—all about how much I hated them. How I despised texting and how rude I thought it was when people texted while they were supposed to be conversing with me at lunch or dinner. Although I’m now of a new mind about smart phones, I’m definitely not changing my mind about the texting part. I still hate it when people put their phones on the table next to them during a meal. Seriously, just don’t do it. Keep it in your pocket or in your purse or better, leave it in the car. It’s rude and unless there’s an emergency going on, it’s not necessary.

But I have a confession, I upgraded to a smart phone last week and I’m having a ball with it. Totally cool! Love that I can get email while I’m on the run and check the Web for restaurants, stores, sales, products, etc. Something that I believed was going to be a royal pain in the ass has turned out to be terrific fun and incredibly easy. My phone is so user friendly, I’m practically already a genius with it. And yes, confession #2, I am texting. Turns out even that is fun. Who knew?

I’ve texted with my sisters, my friends Dee and CL and Har and with my crit partner–as a matter of fact, it is indeed the perfect way to check in without getting into a huge conversation or just to make a comment on something—a quick giggle. I’ve also texted with Son and DIL, but I’m refusing to let it be how we communicate. I need to hear Son’s voice because that’s the only way I can truly tell how he’s doing. His voice is a dead giveaway. Even better is Skyping with him because then I can see that gorgeous, bearded face and know by the look in his eyes that he’s all good. And if DIL’s in the picture, well, all the better!  I get to see her sweet face, too  and her ever-growing belly that currently nurtures and protects my grandson. A treat!

So, here it is, especially for you, Son, PJ, Kate, and CL—you’re right, you’re right, you’re always right you’re queen (and king) of all you see. Smart phones are fun. But, the next person who says, “Welcome to 2012” to me is going to get smacked…just sayin’…


  • londonmabel

    I only got my first cell phone, period, this past fall. So I’m the real Luddite here.

    And I agree, I HATE the texting while talking to someone else.

  • Liz Flaherty

    I have one and I love it, too. Never thought I’d text at all, but I do–it’s a way to communicate w/o being a bother to anyone; if they’re busy, they respond later. It’s also great for me because I’m not a phone person–email has always been such a Godsend because it’s intimate but I don’t have to talk on it! 🙂 I like the calendar and notepad on the phone, too. I’ve learned to write myself a note that tells me where I parked the car. (A great thing at the airport.)

    Love your post.

  • robena grant

    I don’t have one. Often think I should, just to stay up with modern technology. But I have nobody at home to tell if I’m going to be late, or anyone to contact that can’t be done from the leisure of my couch. I call the kids once a week. They call me if there is anything going on that they want to share. So….seriously, would there be any benefit for me?