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Lent Check-In

It’s been several days since my last check in, which is okay because I’m consciously not stressing about not blogging regularly. It’s a knot thing, you know? But here I am, reporting in.

We saw the doc on Wednesday–I really, really like her. She’s very reassuring without dismissing my fears and anxiety. She agrees it might be time to take a look inside me and verify that we are dealing with diverticulitis and how severe it is. Apparently there are other things we can do for it from different antibiotics that don’t wreck me all the way to having surgery to remove the offending portion of intestine. Hopefully, we won’t be looking at that, but I’m glad to be getting the scan to make sure there isn’t something more severe than diverticulitis going on. Her office is verifying with the insurance company and then we’ll schedule it. The knot has loosened slightly just knowing that we’re checking it out.

Today, we went to a funeral for the mother of one of our lake pals. His mom was 90 and had a good long life and had become quite ill, so her passing wasn’t a terrible tragedy except that she’s gone and there’s a hole where she lived in his heart. I know he’ll miss her and I wish so much he didn’t have to have that sorrow in his life. But it’s part of life, right? One of BFFs lost her mother-in-law this week too–another sorrow for another dear friend. This morning, we made a list of the people who’ve died in the last eighteen months. There were twenty! Twenty people I knew or who were related to someone I am close to are gone. That feels like a lot in a short time. Maybe it’s not . . . thoughts, anyone?

On the gratitude side, we’ve been reading our Lenten devotional each morning and enjoying our time together studying and praying. We’re using a study help that the pastor gave us–three questions to ask about our scripture reading. What does the scripture say? What does the scripture say to me? What does God want me to hear? Sometimes the answer to a couple of those questions is the same, you know? But we’re delving into the ways we share our faith and how we came to our faith, so it’s pretty interesting.

IMG955540Five things I’m grateful for right this minute: We got to see some of our lake pals, and even though it was for a funeral, it was so very good to get hugs and see them. I’m working on a couple of great books right now–one for a pub, one for an indie author–good stories, which is always a pleasure. We had a date last night–dinner and a movie, then we stopped and bought a bottle of pinot noir and enjoyed a glass together as we “camped out” in the lake cottage. we’re not officially open yet, so no running water because it’s still winterized, but we stayed there overnight anyway on our way to the funeral. We had heat and a warm bed and wine and each other, so no complaints. On the way home today, I wrote vigorously in my head on the new story and now I’m getting ready to work on it now. YAY! DIL sent Grandboy’s preschool pictures for us to pick from. Damn that kid is so cute . . .

So, the knot is ever-present, but relaxing some and to me, that feels like Lenten success at this point. Easter is about three weeks away and although, I don’t expect it to be gone by then, but I hope it will be looser, smaller . . . that would be nice.

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  • Carla H

    Great thoughts Nancy! Praying for healing and good news regarding the knot!
    As far as the deaths are concerned: I think it is the cycle of life that we are currently in. We are no longer young spring chicks and people are subject to aging illnesses. I am seeing the deaths of people in our parents generation as well; my Dad, just five years ago, their cousins, and spouses and friends of friends of that age passing away, which moves us into another category and phase of our own lives. Generations passing and moving us up positionally. Plus, I see our age group being diagnosed with maladies that happen when you’re “over the hill.” It’s a harsh reality but our bodies break down as we age with old age decrepidness! Wait, is that a word my writing friend? Good old Osteoporosis, the degeneration of disks (mine!), Arthritis (also mine!), and joint replacements, (been there!) extensive dental work (and yet again…..Mine!) and just looking in the mirror I see a ton of new wrinkles! The truth of the matter is we have been aging since we arrived in ’53 or ’54! The golden part of being this age is definitely the blessing of having grandchildren and looking forward to retirement! Plus, as followers of Jesus, we look forward to better life, to a huge reunion, leaving behind all that is wrong with this world and seeing and living with those we love for ever and ever. I have often said that if we lived here with the thought that we are just passing through and that this world is not our home it would totally change out view of this current life. Heaven is not our consolation prize but our reward, and a great one, at that!