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December Memos


winter 2011 003Dear Snow,

So you couldn’t hang around for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? What’s up with that? It’s 8 degrees outside, so a little of the white stuff wouldn’t be out of line here.




james taylorDear James Taylor,

Thank you for your Christmas CD! It’s awesome and I’ve nearly worn it out this Christmas. I especially love your rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “River.” You are, as always, amazing.




Dear Christmas Cookies and Fudge in the Freezer,

Shut up!




2013CamSchoolPicDear Grandboy,

What a wonderful time Pops and I had watching you and Daddy baking this past weekend. Skype surely rocks! You’re such a fun pair, and my darling Grandboy, you’re getting so big and just scary smart! We can’t wait to see you and Daddy and Mommy when you get here! Lots of fun and treats await you!

Anticipating joy,



Hey, Telemarketers,

Just stop okay? Yesterday I got six calls that started with about 10 seconds of silence and then your voice mangling our last name as you ask to speak to my husband. No, he’s not available. He’ll never be available. Never. I’m not going to let you talk to to him no matter how many times you call here. So just quit it! On a lighter note, thank you to the young woman who unfortunately got me after call six.  I appreciated your gracious, “I’ll give you pass today, Mrs. Reinhardt. Happy Holidays”  when I snapped at you. Even though I’m certain we have no interest in whatever you were selling, it wasn’t you personally. It was the fact that my phone had been ringing off the hook all morning. Bless you, child.

Exasperated beyond words,



Dear Readers,

I can’t thank you enough for all your support with the first two Women of Willow Bay books. Sales are steady and reviews are great. You’ve given me enough confidence to release another book in the series. Look for it around May 2014.




20131222_222902Dear Friends,

May this holiday season bring you all many reasons to be thankful.Count every blessing and treasure those around you who love you. I hope your 2014 is as peaceful and successful year as I am anticipating for me and mine.

In the Spirit of the Season,





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“December Memos”

  1. Avatar December 24th, 2013 at 9:12 pm liz Flaherty Says:

    Loved this! Wishing you the happiest, dear friend!

  2. Avatar December 26th, 2013 at 9:42 pm Skye Says:

    Lovely memos! And I very glad that your book sales and reviews are going well!

    Wishing you all the best,