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Deb Salonen Has A Free Book!

I’m so pleased and excited to welcome writer pal and fellow Tule author Debra Salonen back to the blog. As a former award-winning newspaper journalist, Debra is a nationally bestselling author with 26 published novels for Harlequin’s Superromance and American lines and one single title release for Harlequin Signature. Several of her titles were nominated for “Best Superromance,” including UNTIL HE MET RACHEL, which took home that honor in 2010. Debra was named Romantic Times Reviewer’s Career Achievement “Series Storyteller of the Year” in 2006. She lives in the foothills near Yosemite National Park in California with her husband and two dogs. Luckily, her two children and three grandchildren live close by to keep her connected to the real world. Take it away, Deb…

As a “hybrid” author (some of my books are published by Tule Publishing and some titles are self-published through my company: Loner Llama Press), I’ve had the great good luck to have several BookBub promotions that Tule procured. Today, my very first Indie BookBub promotion is scheduled to come out. PRINCE CHARMING UNDERCOVER – Book I in the Betting On Love series—is FREE in all markets, from all vendors.

Here’s the cautionary tale part of this happily-ever-after tale: the process of changing the price of an already published book can be a bit daunting, so my advice is start early to make sure all publishers get the message. 😉 The extra dozen or so gray hairs on my head are a testament to the anxiety that came from checking daily to see if Amazon—key player in this drama—had changed the price. Every day for two weeks…the answer was: no change. I had dozens of friends and readers send in the “I found it at a lower price” notice on Amazon’s product page. I submitted the links to every one of Amazon’s competitors who made the change in price several times a day. And yet…it took three emails to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to find a service rep who took the matter to heart and made the change happen. Whew!






I have to say, this process has made me a true fan of KOBO. The support staff was kind and helpful and—once I figured out what was required on my part— the change went through instantaneously. Most impressive. So, if you’re a KOBO reader in these world markets, please grab your free copy before 12/15. (I’m told they are also very punctual about changing it back to full price.) 😉

KOBOCA: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/prince-charming-undercover

KOBOAU: https://www.kobo.com/au/en/ebook/prince-charming-undercover

KOBOGB: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/prince-charming-undercover 

If you’re asking, “What’s a BookBub ad and why is Deb freaking out over it?” you are missing out on a lot of free and discounted books in the genres you love to read—and special sale announcements from your favorite authors. If you’d like to follow me, here’s the link: BookBub  

Happy reading, my friends! And remember your kind reviews are greatly appreciated! #reviewersrock


PS: in case you’re a fan of connected stories and would like to read the entire series…you’ll find links in the back of PRINCE CHARMING UNDERCOVER!


  • Debra Salonen

    Thank you, Denise. I’ve applied about forty times and always been turned down. They have a huge number applying, and I don’t know why they picked this one this time, but I’m thrilled that they did.

    My book started out with a ranking of 2, 291 on the Free charts, then it dropped to 260, but had climbed back up to 755 this morning. Now, it’s #2. (at 2:30). That is pretty cool, isn’t it?


  • Debra Salonen

    Lynne, it was crazy. I had help from all quarters but that was as effective as banging your head on the wall. I finally connected with an Amazon rep who promised the book would free in 24-72 hrs. I waited, checked, waited, checked…finally emailed them again. A second rep actually did make the change, but not in India. Sigh.
    I hope you enjoy my Romani family–I loved researching and writing their stories. I’d still like to write the mother’s story, but I’m working on a new Tule series right now.

  • Lynne Marshall

    I’ve heard about the complicated part about getting Amazon on board for price changes. Good for you for getting a bookbub and I am no off to discover this series.

    Wishing you both all the best,

  • Debra Salonen

    Shari!!! Me, too, on the reviews. I’ve been recommending books regularly. In fact, I’m one chapter away from finishing Nan’s awesome book and will be posting that review soon.

  • Debra Salonen

    Thanks, Nan!

    Liz, thanks for the good wishes. I swear the challenges only get greater.

    AMAZON update: I got an email at 4AM from BookBub informing me that my book was NOT free at Amazon India. I double-checked and they are correct. Amazon assured me it was free in all markets, but I neglected to check India personally.

    Live and learn, as they say. Sigh.