Days 5 and 6: Gratitude and I’m Trying…

So, I missed a day. Expect that to happen, okay? Life just gets in the way sometimes. I’m trying very hard to take each day as it comes. To stay in the here-and-now, as my mom used to preach. It’s hard. I’m worrying about everything, which is pointless, really, because none of it is anything I can control. So…onward to gratitude because that’s how we make it through the days of feeling completely untethered, right?

Gratitude (you get 10 because of the whole missing-a-day thing):
The lake, which has become too cold to swim in due to cooler temps, but is still perfect
Cool temps that make deck sitting and sleeping a joy
Only 9 days until Michigan
Got one editing gig done and invoiced and paid–yay!
A place to vent (sorta)
My friends get to take dream vacations this week–how wonderful for them!
Candles and games on the deck with Husband last night
Found Oliver Riesling for $6/bottle at Walgreen’s when I went to get my passport photo taken
Got my passport renewal sent off–a task that’s been bugging me for a while
Laptop recovered from whatever goofiness it was experiencing, so I’m holding a good thought here.

I love that image at the top of this post, don’t you? It’s soft and lovely and the sentiment is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish with these daily posts. So I’ll keep posting until we find a house. If you’re bored, then just pray that we find one soon, okay? In the meantime, hold your face to the sun, mes amies, be grateful for all things, and love well.