Days 26 & 27: Gratitude and Exhaustion

This will be a short post today because I’ve spent the entire day editing and my mind is mush. It’s been a good day, productive and that’s always nice. We got the boat back with it’s brand new cover and it looks lovely. Riding from the marina back to our place was a quick-and-dirty boat ride, but oh, so fun to be on the water, even for a short time. We got back into our slip and the new cover all buttoned up just as the thunder started rumbling in the distance. Sure enough, by the time we’d walked up to the cottage, huge raindrops were starting to fall.

It rained all afternoon and the cool breeze and drumming of the rain, punctuated by the occasional clap of thunder and bolt of lightning made for a pleasant afternoon. Sometimes rain gives you permission to abandon your work and spend the day reading, which is what Husband did. I, on the other hand, had to keep working, but it was nice to hear the rain on the window as I edited.

Gratitude for today:
All the lovely birthday greetings on FB and text messages, phones calls, and cards. Thank you everyone!
The Downton Abbey movie was wonderful–we left the theater wondering what Julian Fellowes would come up with next for the Crawleys and their household.
Good to be back with our lake buddies–good pal Moe took us over to the marina to pick up the boat from the cover folks and brought us pork tenderloin. She is indeed a good friend.
I got the cover for Aidan’s book–that’s a post for another day when I get ready to do my reveal, but oh, man, Lee Hyat has given me another gorgeous cover for the new book. All will be revealed next week.
Found out I don’t have to do something I wasn’t looking forward to doing but that I’d agreed to do for someone else. Thanks, universe, for fixing that for me. I appreciate it!

Remember, mes amies, remember to hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well.


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