Days 23-25: Gratitude and Plenty of It

I’m behind. But you know, life gets in the way. I’ve been working mostly–trying to catch up on editing gigs that I have deadlines coming up on. Three jobs at the moment, so mostly long days in front of the computer.

Last night, I got to spend the evening with sister PJ, BIL, Husband, Son, DIL, and Grandboy celebrating Sister’s and my birthdays. There was wine and delicious food and a lovely birthday cake from a German Bakery here in the city. We had a great time, exchanged fun gifts and just generally enjoyed being a family. My grandparents had eight grandchildren and of the eight, five were born in September. Apparently January in Indiana has always been really cold!

I’m still brewing Brendan’s book, which I just found out is due March 16–I’m fairly sure I know where I’m going but I need to start in Tierney’s POV, so that’s what I’m thinking about right now. Also, I’m going to be getting promo together for Christmas with You just as soon as I get the cover, which should be soon. I have a Tule holiday party on October 9!!

Gratitude for today:
A new laptop
Lovely sunny days
A walk with Husband, Son, and Grandboy today
Fun evening with sister
Bday gifts–gorgeous scarves and other fun little things and tickets to see ISO salute to Linda Ronstadt in March! Fun!!
Relaxing about the house hunt–our house will be there
Work–always a good thing

Happy birthday to my cuzzies–Suz and Barb, whose b-days are today and the day after mine, which is tomorrow. So happy birthday to me. In the meantime, mes amies, hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well.


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