Days 28-30: Gratitude and Man, Am I Overwhelmed

…not yet!

Okay, so three days of gratitude–not a tough task because I have so much in my life to be grateful for. But there is also the fact that I am still completely overwhelmed by what feels like my chaotic life. It’s not really, I guess, but not having a home makes you feel very unsettled and out of sorts. Although I can’t begin to imagine actually being homeless because of finances, it is very strange to not have a place to call home.

It’s been a busy three days, getting two editing gigs into publishers by the deadlines, thinking about Bren’s book and how I’m going to build the story that is brewing in the forefront of my imagination right now, getting read for an author event that got postponed, preparing promotion for Aidan’s book, and having a guest at the lake this weekend.

Our sweet SIL, Terri, came to spend the rainy weekend with us and she was planning on coming to the Wine and Wheels event where Liz and I were going to be selling and signing books. on Sunday. Unfortunately, a drenching rain forced Amanda at the winery to postpone the event until next Sunday. It truly would have been a muddy mess, so I’m glad she did! Terri and I ended up going over to the winery anyway so she could see where we’ll be set up next weekend and of course, we tasted some wine while we were there. Then on to the Sportsman for a bite of lunch before coming back to the cottage to do what we do best at the lake–read, rest, and relax. Well, she got the R&R&R in, while I worked. I think she was happy to just be near the water and have an opportunity to get out of the city . We had fun, in spite of the weather and my arduous work schedule.

Gratitude for now:
Husband, Son, DIL, and Grandboy
A nice, if wet, weekend with SIL and lake buddy, Moe
Got a project finished and another well underway
A lovely birthday dinner with my lake ladies at a fab little tavern not far from the lake. Had the best filet I’ve ever had in my life and even got to be a bit of celebrity, thanks to Moe hawking my books. Thanks, Moe!
Going to look at houses this week–hold a good thought everyone!
Sunshine today
Cooler temps, more like fall, are on the way–yay!

That’s it from me for now–remember, mes amies, to hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well.


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