Days 20 & 21: Gratitude and Disappointment

PJ and me

Right off, it’s a great day today, September 21, because it’s my sister, PJ’s birthday. So anything else that happened today gets overshadowed by that wonderful fact. Happy birthday, Sister! I love you to the moon and back!

I’m doing two days because, frankly, I fell asleep last night before I could blog. I’m not blaming the tequila or the bottle of wine I shared with Husband and pal, Moe, but there are those who might. To them I say, “Piffle.” We had a great evening, sharing a meal, some lovely beverages, and a cutthroat game of Phase 10. Moe won.

Today, we went to see two houses that looked very interesting and nice in the pictures on our portal. In real life, not so much. I just disappointed as anything when we see a house that seems very possible and then when we go see it in person, we discover that the pictures lie. Both these houses had issues that didn’t show up in the photographs. I think that’s sucky. Honestly, when our realtor took the pictures of our house, they were all real. They showed exactly what the people who came to see the house actually saw. I’d have so much more respect if realtors just told me the truth. “The house has a weird smell” or “this place desperately needs to have all the wood on the outside replaced” or “these folks haven’t opened the vents to their crawl space since Jesus was in the third grade.” I probably wouldn’t buy the place, but at least I’d know I wouldn’t need to bother to go see it. However, I know our house is out there–one day soon, it will present itself to us.

Tomorrow, Liz and I are doing a presentation at the Logansport Library–if you’re in the area and looking for a couple of hours of entertainment, stop by at 2 pm and join us, won’t you?

Gratitude for two days:
Tequila and Wine
Chocolate (I’m sensing a theme here, how about you?)
Son and DIL
A fun evening with Moe
Leaves falling and blowing around the car as we drove today–so pretty

Remember to hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well!