Counting My Blessings

It was a peaceful Sunday here at the lake, damn cold, but peaceful. So much to be grateful for tonight:

  1. All my dear lady friends at the lake, Moe, Har, Patt, and Bonnie
  2. The guys too always make me smile, Rich, Bill, Ron, and Glenn
  3. Got a bunch written today
  4. Skyping with little Grandboy last night–he just gets cuter and cuter!
  5. God’s hand of protection around Dee–she needs extra prayers right now as she struggles through a difficult time.

Did you count your blessing today?



  • Skye

    I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal again. I don’t do it every night like I should, but I do fill it out most nights. I think it helps toward having a more positive outlook, and I think gratitude is a good thing in itself.

    Good thoughts to your friend Dee that she has an easier time and that something good can be done for her. Good thoughts to all the medical people helping her, too.

    • Nan

      Thanks, Skye. The gratitude journal is an excellent tool to keep us focused on the positive and not dwell on the bad stuff. Dee is where she needs to be to get help, so yes, I’m also praying for the docs–that they can fix the latest issues and get her back on track.