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Still Here…Still Working…


…still grateful! I’m into 12-to-14-hour days now as I work hard to get this project done and back to the author for review and then back to the publisher. I love this client–they’ve been good to work with for at least ten years and the Project Editors are always so terrific. I never turn down work from them if I can help it and I’m ever so happy to be working for them now. This book is very well written, so even though it’s very technical, I’m handling it.

But (you knew there was a “but” coming, right?) their work is often technical and arduous. I think I’m feeling it particularly this time because I’ve been doing so much fiction editing lately. This is definitely not fiction and my eyes are crossed by the end of the day.

jim dishesHusband is graciously handling everything else around the house/cottage and granting me time to simply get this puppy done. He’s such a peach to do the household tasks while I work—I am blessed. Right now, I’m keeping my eye on the prize (yeah, that’s the prize down there in my gratitude list!) and pushing through. Send me good working energy, okay?


charlie's b-day 057



Today, I’m grateful for:

  1. Coffee.
  2. My clients, who keep me in enough work that I’m afloat and can do things like go to the lake and take little writing trips.
  3. Dee got to go see David’s grave yesterday–the experience was a blessing. I’m so grateful for that!
  4. Fresh tomatoes from my neighbor’s garden–so thankful she shares. They are yummy!
  5. The computer glitch yesterday set me back, but all is well now and things are working again.

I’m Working…and Musing…


cam at disney…and for that I am grateful. It feels like often, I moan about having to do editing gigs, but really, it’s okay. It’s good to work and I love my job. I know how fortunate I am to have this kind of job–one where I can stay home and do the work in my jammies with my window open to the lovely breeze outside. I’m also getting more and more fiction work, which is so terrific! I love editing fiction! Seriously, after 25 years of working on computer titles, fiction is a very welcome change.

I sometimes wonder how much longer I’ll be able to be a copyeditor. I hope for a long while yet. I’m the only one of our lake friends who’s still working–everyone else is retired. Well, except for our resident artist who is still painting, but I’m guessing she’ll be doing that until she takes her last breath. She’s about painting the way I am about writing.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00063]Oh, speaking of writing–big news! All the Women of Willow Bay books will soon be available in print!! YAY!! So, if you’ve been dying for a print copy of Once More From the Top or Sex and the Widow Miles or The Summer of Second Chances, they’re coming! Just got my new full covers finished up yesterday and they look pretty amazing, I think. The background on the back cover is a great shot of Lake Michigan that I took on one of my trips ups there. All three books have the same back cover–just different blurbs and tag lines. I think it works. Here’s one–what do you think? Pretty, huh?

I missed a couple days of gratitude, so here we go–five things I’m grateful for today:

  1. The sunshine and cool breezes and the cool temps at night that make sleeping a sensual pleasure.
  2.  I’m wearing a sweater that used to be Kate’s today–it’s almost like a hug from her.
  3.  Spent time with PJ yesterday and discovered I’m not the only one who’s somewhat at a loss in life right now–we talked about how the sadness sometimes jumps up and grabs us, shed a few tears together, had a nice lunch, and made plans for Labor Day. So glad we still have each other.
  4.  Coffee.
  5.  Getting picture texts from Grandboy’s trip to Disneyland (see above!). How fun!!



IMG_0426I’m working. I’ve been working all day and I will be working into the night, but it’s been a beautiful day! Blue sky, cool, and breezy—it feels like Michigan. Actually Husband said that to me earlier today. This editing gig is not fascinating—a computer title—but it’s work and they’re paying me and this is for one of my very favorite clients. My window looks out on the yard outside the cottage and the trees and my neighbors potted flowers. It’s quite lovely. The picture is a little funky because I took it through the screen.

We finished up the cottage guest room this morning–well, Husband did. He painted one wall as an accent, and put the white wicker bedframe against the sage green walls and hung some photos up and added our green print quilt. All in all, quite homey for when PJ and her husband come up for Labor Day Weekend. Can’t wait!IMG_0422

Five things I’m grateful for today:

  1. This beautiful weather.
  2. A beer-30 break from work with some very nice Riesling, but only a little.
  3. The guest room is done.
  4. Pal, Lucy is home safe and sound.
  5. I’m on my last editing gig before my vacation. YAY!


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