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Author Spotlight: Liz Flaherty is Here with the Gal’s Guide Anthology!

I’m always thrilled to welcome bestie Liz Flaherty to the Spotlight, and today is particularly fun because she’s here to tell us about a very special anthology that she is part of.

Liz has spent the past several years enjoying not working a day job, making terrible crafts, and writing stories in which the people aren’t young, brilliant, or even beautiful. She’s decided (and has to re-decide most every day) that the definition of success is having a good time. Along with her husband of lo, these many years, kids, grands, friends, and the occasional cat, she’s doing just that. Find her on Facebook or her blog, Window Over the Sink. A girl just can’t have too many friends!

I grew up a child of the 60s, complete with a peace sign on a chain around my neck and folk songs echoing through my heart. I wanted a husband and children, to write books, and to help people. – Liz Flaherty, “The Rickrack Chronicles,” in The Gal’s Guide Anthology: Nourish.

Hi, everybody. It’s Liz Flaherty back to visit. Thanks, Nan, for inviting me to talk about the 2024 edition of The Gal’s Guide Anthology. The theme in this third annual volume from the Gal’s Guide has a wonderful variety of stories on the theme of Nourish.

Nourishment is stitched in the clothing we have worn, steeped in the food we have cooked, echoed in the roads we have traveled, and seen in unapologetic crowds singing their (version). Devour stories and poems from 33 diverse authors about the people, places, and moments that nourish. – from The Gal’s Guide Anthology: Nourish

The Gal’s Guide is the first lending library dedicated to women’s history in the United States. It preserves, shares, and champions women’s achievements.

I am so honored to be among the 33 diverse writers chosen to be included in this year’s anthology about people, places, and moments that nourish. Published by Gals Guide Press (created out of the Gal’s Guide Library), The Gal’s Guide Anthology: Nourish will be available April 13, 2024 and can be pre-ordered here.