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Author Spotlight: Kris Bock Is Back with a New Cozy!

I’m so pleased to welcome fellow Tule author Kris Bock back to the spotlight with a brand-new release, Something Deadly on Desert Drive. Kris writes mystery, romantic suspense, and romance. She has lived in ten states and one foreign country but is now firmly planted in the Southwest, where many of her books are set. Kris is also writing a series with her brother, scriptwriter Douglas J Eboch, who wrote the original screenplay for the movie Sweet Home Alabama. She writes for children as Chris Eboch and M. M. Eboch with over 100 published books. When not writing, you’ll probably find her reading, unless she’s out on a hike or doing archery.

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 Something Deadly on Desert Drive: The Accidental Detective Book 2 

After an injury disrupts her journalism career, Kate Tessler has to start over at 50, figuring out how to get work, make friends, and live in the heart of her loving but interfering family. Now she and her quirky gang of sidekicks have new problems to solve.

Kate’s father and his coffee group are worried. Their friend Larry married a younger woman who now claims he has dementia and won’t let anyone see him. They think his wife and her lazy adult children are keeping him isolated so they can steal his money. They’re determined to save Larry, and they need Kate’s help to prove what’s happening.

Before they can dig out the truth, a murder raises the stakes, and Kate’s father is among the suspects. To save him and Larry, she must reveal the real murderer – but her investigation could put all their lives at risk.

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“Clarence can drive the getaway vehicle,” I said. “Dad goes to the front door. The rest of us will go around back. Joe can go first and scout out the yard, make sure no one is in back. Arnold and I will follow. Dad, give us a minute to get in position and then ring the doorbell.”

“How long do you think you’ll need to get Larry out?” he asked.

“Five minutes? That will seem like forever to you, but we may need every second.”

We couldn’t see the house well from where we were, but I pictured it in my mind. The front walk led up to an alcove. The front door was set at least five feet back in that alcove. No one at the front door could see the gate opening, but they might hear us if we tried to cross the rocky front yard, especially if Larry was confused and asking questions.

“We’ll stop inside the gate on our way out,” I said. “If you’re still arguing, I’ll call your phone. Make sure Pamela closes the door as you leave. Then we’ll all head for the cars.”

Dad pulled out his phone and tipped his head back so he could study the screen through the lower part of his trifocals. He tapped it a few times and stuck it in his pocket. “All right. I’ll feel it vibrate.”

“We used to have to pay good money for that kind of thing,” Clarence said.

“Clarence, turn the car around now,” I said. “When we come out, pull up to the house next to Larry’s. Stay out of sight of any of Pamela’s windows.”

“I’ll give them the slip!” Clarence said. “We’ll go on the lam. We’ll peach that gold digger and put her in the big house with a pair of silver bracelets.”

“You’ve been watching gangster movies again,” Joe said.

“Right. I always wanted to be a lookout man.”

“Concentrate, people. Everyone know the plan?” I looked at each of them. “Now, let’s kidnap your friend.”

Learn about the first book in the series, Something Shady at Sunshine Haven, from Kris’s previous guest post.

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