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Author Spotlight: Ann B. Harrison Has a Story to Tell and a Giveaway!

Y’all know how much I love featuring authors on the blog, right? Well, today I’m so pleased to have Ann B. Harrison with me. Ann was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia with her husband, three children and dog in 1991. After moving to the lush green wine region of Australia’s Hunter Valley, Ann has the perfect surrounding to let her imagination to run wild.

She alternates her time between writing western romances, women’s fiction romantic and playing in her garden. Two kinds of hero make Ann to a mass of nerves. The hot cowboy with a slow sexy drawl (she used to live out in the desert and enjoyed every minute) and a man in a kilt (Imagine Jamie Fraser) She can’t wait to visit Scotland where she can get her fill of the tartan clad hotties for, um research purposes, of course.

In the meantime, her dear husband puts up with her talking to her characters and getting lost in worlds only she can imagine as she battles to bring stories to the page for everyone to enjoy.

Ann, take it away!

Nan, thanks for having me today!

For years, high on my bucket list goals was a trip to Texas. I told my husband it was so I could place my new, yet-to-be-written, series there. I’ve been writing for Tule for years and I really needed to put my feet on the ground, so to speak.

In 2020, our son announced that he was getting married in Hawaii and would we like to be part of a family pre-wedding trip and spend two weeks touring Texas with them.

Heck yes! I couldn’t wait to pack my bags.

It was everything I’d dreamed of and more. The food, the people and the gorgeous scenery has left a mark on my heart.

I’m a bit of a foodie so I was in heaven. I had the biggest onion rings in my life at Stubbs Restaurant and wrote Texas Cowboy because of it. Nothing better than having your own ranch to supply the meal for your restaurant.

I still look for the Stubbs Smokey Barbeque Sauce when it comes into our local store because I can’t find anything quite like it.

We traveled through small communities in the Texas Hill country and found a town that was perfect for my setting. I named it Wishbone in my series and took so many photos. I kept talking about the trees because they were so big and majestic.

We marveled at the Bootiful boots Wimberley Valley Arts had throughout the town. They were so pretty and creative. We walked around Wimberley taking heaps of photos and falling more in love with this small part of Texas. I’m a huge fan of small towns and most of my books are set in smaller communities.

I got to meet and talk to a local sheriff and ask all the questions so I could write Texas Lawman, the second book in the series.

I got to shop at The Silos and see what Chip and Jo have built together. It’s still my favorite show and I’m more than a little annoyed we can’t get the new shows in Australia yet, but I can wish.

We had a fabulous trip to The Cowboys Stadium before we got on the plane to Hawaii and the size of it blew our minds. It’s like a city all of its own. We even managed a quick lunch at Gas Monkey before we left Texas behind.

Covid has kept our traveling to our own country for the last two years, but I live in hope that one day I can return to wonderful Texas to do the things we missed out on.


If you’d like a FREE sample of Ann’s Wishbone Texas series, the prequel Kitty To The Rescue, you can download it here.

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Texas Cowboy

Texas CowboyCora Hamilton needed to get out of town fast! With her ex due out of prison, the last thing she wants is to be around when he comes knocking on her door. For him, Cora is unfinished business. She needs to run.
When her new boss finds her sleeping in her car in the parking lot of his BBQ restaurant in Wishbone, Texas, Cora questions her decision. She’s a day late and her new boss is understandably unimpressed. Cora’s no pushover and she’s damn good at her job, as she intends to prove if he’ll just give her a chance.
Duke Wilson knew he was taking a risk hiring his new manager sight unseen but Cora Hamilton’s resume and references were the best. If his restaurant is to be the success he wants and his life less stressful, he needs her. Despite the fact she let him down before she even started work, his gut tells him she’s as desperate for a break as he is.
But can he get past her lies and trust her after her abysmal start and let her do the job he hired her for?

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