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Author Jeana Mann Is Here with a Free Box Set and a Giveaway!

Today, I’m delighted to turn the blog over to fellow Midwesterner and USA Today best-selling author, Jeana Mann. Jeana gave up a career in the corporate world to write about sexy billionaires and alpha bad boys. With over twenty books, three series, and several awards beneath her belt, she’s never regretted her choice to live out her dream. She’s a free-spirit, a wanderer, and loves animals with a passion. When she’s not tripping over random objects, you’ll find her walking in the sunshine with her rambunctious dogs and dreaming about true love.

The floor is yours, Jeana…

Hey, everyone! I’m thrilled to be here today. Thank you so much, Nan, for inviting me to talk about my FREE box set, The Exiled Prince Trilogy.

I’ve always been fascinated by royal families and mafia crime bosses and have spent way too many hours watching documentaries on both subjects. One day, I decided to combine my two favorite subjects into a romance novel. I wrote The Exiled Prince in two weeks for my own enjoyment. When I got to the end of this modern Cinderella story with a steamy twist, I wanted more of Roman and Rourke so I wrote The Dirty Princess and The War King.

Roman Menshikov is the kind of brooding billionaire with a heart of gold that makes my heart sing. His personal assistant Rourke Donahue is a strong, feisty woman who knows how to put him in his place. My heroines are always flawed but made of steel. I think it’s important to show women as smart, independent, and capable. To keep things interesting, I added an antagonist named Nicky Tarnovsky. He’s my favorite character to date. From his high sense of fashion to his blatant womanizing, he’s constantly making trouble for his friends and family. He shows up in all of the books from this world because I just can’t get enough of him.

These books contain all of my favorite tropes: enemies-to-lovers, workplace romance, royalty, and billionaires. Underneath the romance, there’s a thread of romantic suspense as Roman and Rourke try to figure out which one of their acquaintances is plotting murder.

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Thanks again for dropping by and for allowing me to share a space in your day.

GIVEAWAY! For a chance to win a paperback copy of The Ruthless Knight from the extended series, tell me about your favorite type of romance in the comments below.

The Exiled Prince Trilogy

These three royalty billionaire romantic suspense novels will set your e-reader ablaze and are free for a limited time.

A secret masquerade hookup leads to complications with Rourke’s new boss. One night. No names. No faces. It should have been simple. Instead, she’s tossed into a life filled with decadence, heat, and sinful surprises. Things heat up when their fairytale marriage is threatened by an unexpected murder. If Rourke wants to claim the throne at her Russian prince’s Manhattan high-rise, she must learn to accept his dark secrets and find a strength she never knew she possessed.

For more books in the world of The Exiled Prince, check out The Rebel Queen Duet, The Absolute Power Duet, and the standalone The Ruthless Knight.


The masked stranger stalked across the room, parting the crowd like a shark in a school of fish. My mouth went dry as I realized he was heading straight for me. He stopped with the tips of his shiny black shoes just inches from my silver high heels. “Are you enjoying the masquerade?”

“Yes. It’s very nice,” I replied, fighting to stay composed.

“Nice?” A thick black eyebrow lifted above the black leather strip of his mask. “I’ve never heard it called that before.” When I remained silent, he bent down, lowering his voice to an intimate murmur. “I want to know more about you.” His hooded gaze traveled over my face. How many nights had I dreamed of a man like this—one who’d thrill and frighten me? He braced a hand on the wall by my head, hemming me in. Up close, he smelled of leather, expensive cologne, and fine, rare things. “Tell me your secrets.”

“There isn’t much to tell really,” I said. Although his nearness set my senses on high alert, I felt more intrigued than threatened.

“Why did you come to this party?” He leaned closer, edging me backward until the hard paneling chilled my backside.

“Why does anyone come to these parties?” I asked, feeling lightheaded at his closeness.

“For the anonymity. To experience decadence without the threat of discovery.”

“You sound like a travel magazine.” I pressed my palms against the wall at my sides and reveled in the rush of adrenaline his presence created.

“People come from all over the world for this experience. There are places here—secret places—with access given to only a select few. I can take you there. We can explore those mysteries together.” He drew in a deep breath, angling his head like he meant to kiss me. The intimate gesture caused an immediate squeeze of my heart. He glanced at my lips. “You haven’t answered my question.”

“Yes,” I said, feeling weak-kneed, excited, and frightened in rapid succession. “To all those things.”

“I’ll show you everything.” His lips curled in a smirk. “For a price.”

Free through 9/21/21

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