A Winter Saturday

So the scene is this: mid-morning at the breakfast table. I’m facing the windows that look out on the snow-covered back yard where a crimson cardinal is perched on the arbor in the herb garden. The sun is finally shining after days of dreary gray skies and rain, but since the temperature is only 32 degrees I’m resisting the urge to go outside and bask in its warmth. Besides, that means I’d actually have to rise from my chair and I’m disinclined.

I’ve been a weird state of mind since Christmas, and I’m not sure why. I think it’s partly because of worrying about my health, although since the cardiologist’s okay, I’m trying hard not to do that. Partly because I’m still wrapping my brain around becoming a grandmother and partly because I’m anxiously awaiting the release of my book in March.

My life suddenly has an other-wordly aura about it and that seems to be making working and going about my normal activities difficult. I have a full schedule of editing work ahead of me, a nearly completed novel poking at my consciousness, begging to be finished, and chapters and books to read for my crit partners. I love editing and critiquing, yet I find my focus sorely lacking. I seriously need to get back into a pool schedule instead of relying only on my treadmill and weights here at home, but I’m reluctant to leave the house.

On the other hand, that wicked restlessness is rearing its little head, and I’ve been looking at travel sites on my lunch hour and wondering how lovely it would be to see the snowy Northeast or warm sunny Aruba or Paris again…in any kind of weather at all. A fellow romance author recently blogged about going  to see Alan Rickman in Seminar on Broadway and I’m green with envy and checking out flights to New York and hotel rates near Times Square.

So what does any of this have to do with the cardinal chirping outside my french doors or the snow or the sunshine or the fact that it’s Saturday morning and I’m still sitting amidst the breakfast detritus instead of  going up to my office and getting busy on the editing gig that needs to be finished this weekend?

Absolutely nothing…and I think that’s my point…


  • Nan

    Roben–I’d love to go see Seminar! Go!! Probably tells on the website how long he’s going to be there. I’m guessing if he’s bringing in the audiences, he’ll be there until he no longer does.

    Timmie–too true… 😉

  • robena grant

    I love your writing. I can see myself there, seated at your breakfast table. I have to make a trip to NYC this spring. Now I’m wondering how long Alan Rickman will stay in the show. Should I travel sooner? Decisions, decisions. : )