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8-Sentence Sunday…At Last!

weekend_writing_warriorsveteransbadge_4So sorry for being MIA for a month, but we’re back with Sophie and Ben and The Summer of Second Chances. When we left them, their magical first kiss had been interrupted and now they’re alone again. Ben is trying to be sensible, explaining that he’s just out of a nasty divorce and not ready for another relationship. Sophie shocks him down to his socks with her response:

“So what’s wrong with simply having some fun together this summer? No expectations, no commitments. We’re both adults,” a little shrug of her shoulders and the tank top slipped down.

His gut lurched. Yup, she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra.

Just have some fun? Is she serious?

This was an unexpected side of a woman he thought he knew well; “Friends with benefits?” he asked, trying to lighten the atmosphere, but his voice sounded hoarse.

I hope you continue to be intrigued by Sophie and Ben. Thanks for your patience as I’ve gotten through Husband’s retirement, opening the lake house, looking for health insurance, a visit from Son and Grandboy…it’s been a crazy month! I’m fairly sure life is settling down enough that I can be here more regularly. Stay tuned for more from The Summer of Second Chances. Comments are welcome and encouraged. Please don’t miss the other Weekend Writing Warriors.  Head on over and check out the work of dozens of other writers. You’ll be so glad you did.