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Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday

Annnnddd…I’m back! Sorry for being away, but life in renovation is chaotic. I’m finally able to breathe again and my house is quite lovely.  Here are eight sentences from my current WIP, ONCE MORE FROM THE TOP, due for release later this summer.

wewriwa_square_3When we last left Maestro Liam Reilly, he had just discovered a photo on the bulletin board of the marina where he’d docked his boat for the summer—the face in the picture looked hauntingly familiar. Now he confronts Carrie about it and discovers that the teenager in the photo is indeed his own child, a boy he knew nothing about…

“Where’s my son?” Liam demanded. “And don’t even bother denying he’s mine. My half-blind granny would recognize that boy as a Reilly.”

Carrie raised her eyes to his, expecting anger. Prepared for fury. And clearly, he was furious, but the pain in his expression shocked her speechless, pain so raw it cut through her like a knife.

“Why would you do that?” His voice was so quiet that she had to lean closer to hear his next broken question. “Why? Why would you have my child and not tell me?”

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