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Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentence Sunday #2

I got such a terrific response last week, here’s another eight sentences from Like Fine Wine. Julie is getting settled into her friend’s apartment, but the guy across the hall is more than a little distracting. In this scene, he’s stopped by to see if she needs anything from the market before the snow storm that’s due, and Julie catches herself being…well…distracted…

I leaned against the sofa, arms crossed under my breasts, simply gazing at him. I was frozen there, unable to respond, my mouth as dry as a desert. Was I actually lusting after a guy who’s practically a stranger? And almost young enough to be my son?

Yep. Desire curled in my lower belly, although it had been such a long time, I barely recognized the sensation. Blood rushed to my cheeks and my body warmed as I stared at him standing there in Liam and Carrie’s living room, looking like an MTV beach party host.

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