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…on The Golf Cart Effect.

Last weekend, the community had a fish fry, which was delicious and a bunch of fun, but it got cold up on the hill where we were picnicking. So after we’d stuffed ourselves, we all adjourned down to the Common area and had a bonfire. It was great, even the Marshmallow War was a hoot. Believe it or not, when a marshmallow hits a golf cart, it sounds a lot like a tennis ball thwacking against a house. Who knew?

But, what made me smile the most was the circle of about fifteen golf carts around the bonfire. It was priceless! Particularly because there, dead center in the ring of carts, were two lone camp chairs. Yup, Husband and I plopped ourselves down between two golf carts to enjoy the fire. I forgot my camera, so I don’t have a picture of it, but trust me, we were adorable–looking small and overwhelmed by the parade of fancy carts.

And once again, the wisdom of the golf carts got driven home…they’re not about being lazy, they’re about being community…yeah, I think I’m gettin’ it…

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