This Life...


I was extremely thankful yesterday, but I was being thankful at sister PJ’s house with family and wine, so here’s the Thanksgiving Day gratitude list a little late.

  1.   1. Family, both nearby and extended
  2.   2. Turkey because really, what’s better than turkey?
  3.   3. Wine (see #2)
  4. Skyping with Grandboy, Son, and DIL and sharing the Skype with everyone at sis’s house yesterday
  5. My nieces, Kate and Meg, who are beautiful, charming young women and always good fun!

Today’s list looks like this:

  1. Prayers for Dee’s comfort through the holiday yesterday were answered
  2. Dropcam that lets us watch little Grandboy while he sleeps in his crib
  3. Playing on Skype with Son, DIL, Grandboy, and Granddog, Lily
  4. Free books on Amazon!
  5. Work, even though my focus sucks today, I’m still very glad to have work that pays.


  • Skye

    Wonderful gratitude lists! The Skyping sounds fun, as does the family time. And it’s good to have paying work, especially these days. Glad for you.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  • Robena Grant

    Glad you had a great get-together. I did too, even though I had to drive up to Los Angeles, but at least I didn’t have to market, prepare, and cook. Just got home and the drive back was fabulous. It was great to hang out with my daughter, son, and their friends. Made me feel young. : )

    • Nan

      How terrific, Roben! So glad you got to do the holiday thing with your kids–our time for that will be at Christmas. We’re going out to spend that week with them next month. Can’t wait!