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Sweating the Small Stuff…Nah…

I’m wondering if as I age, my give-a-shit quotient is diminishing. Here’s the deal: at the moment, we are without AC and our well is acting up. We have water, but one of us has to go out to the garage and keep an eye on the breaker so that if it trips while the other is in the shower, we can switch it back and the water will continue to flow. Our AC is part of a geothermal heat pump, so no water, no AC. It’s a typical Midwestern summer here, so heat and humidity are the order of the day.

In spite of all that, I’m happily working on my editing gigs, critiquing a chapter for my crit partner, and writing, and not really stressing. The well guys are coming on Monday, we’re getting Son at the airport tonight, and then driving up to the lake, where, by the way, we have both water and AC. We can shut things up here and enjoy a long weekend with our kid, whom we haven’t seen in way longer than my mom tolerance can handle, so all is good.

Several years ago, I would’ve been screamingly upset about a lack of AC and water problems. Even an inconvenience like having to stand by the breaker box would have put me at a frustration level close to 10. But today, none of this isn’t worrying me a bit. My dear friend, Connie, taught me: In a bad situation, ask yourself, “is anyone going to die over this?” Nope, nobody’s gonna die. Yep, this is inconvenient and yeah, I’m sweating. But you know, my life is so blessed. I have so many wondrous things happening right now, a little inconvenience is no big deal.

As I get older, I’m realizing how most issues that may have seemed insurmountable before really are just small stuff. Last night, the weather cooled and we got a lovely breeze as we slept. This morning, standing by the breaker box while Husband showered, I got to read another chapter of my latest Bob Mayer ( ) novel. That was an unexpected treat. Flight delays that stranded poor Son in the Denver airport last night are allowing him to come to me about 6 hours earlier than originally planned. So, I get to mommy him even longer this weekend.

Okay, so it’s a Pollyanna attitude, I admit it. But I think it’s also that age brings wisdom and perspective, as well as crow’s feet and gray hair. I’m learning to relax, to take life at a slower pace, to stop stressing over things I can’t control. It’s a good feeling…


  • Carol

    Delurking to leave you a message – I love your blog and your writing. A lovely place to visit.

    The saying in our home is “Did anyone die?” “No, then we are good.” It doesn’t always stop the whinning or the wimpering or the sighing.

  • robena grant

    Age definitely brings perspective. : ) I hate it when the AC/electricity goes out, but I do keep a couple of battery operated fans that always save the day. That was an awful storm in Denver, I took a look at a video someone posted. Hope you have a grand time with your son. I love it when I get to “mother”.

    I swung by tonight to take another look at your blog page. I have someone doing my new website and blog in WordPress. I’m going with smoother for me and easier for readers. I LOVE yours, Nan, it’s so gorgeous. I have sent her some ideas for mine but just wanted to take another look here. Mine will be vastly different of course, and I have no books to brag about but at least it’s a beginning. : )

  • Bob Mayer

    Hope you’re enjoying the book. I’m going through Area 51 Excalibur right now and enjoying it as there are things I wrote that I’d forgotten about.