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Sunday Snippet: The Spring is Springing Edition

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! Spring seems to be springing already and you know, between covid hibernation and writing like a madwoman, I am more than ready. The gardens are coming to life–look at our peach tree buds–aren’t they pretty? We’ve had a typical March in the Midwest—warm, lovely, sunny days and then cold, gray, and chilly ones. But now it’s April, and somehow this spring seems particularly promising, because ever since this time last year everything has felt…I dunno—unsettled.

I’m not the only one feeling a sea change—I think the whole world is in this boat on many different levels. Liz and I have had endless conversations about life seeming different and sorta uncomfortable right now—like a pair of yoga pants that are a little too snug or socks that keep slipping down. I’m hoping that our upcoming writing retreat will even things out in my head and that opening the lake cottage will bring some sense of normalcy because man, I am ready for just plain normal.

I don’t know when I will actually feel normal again; maybe I’m not ever going to. How can we go back to who and what we were before Covid? Isn’t smarter to be better and to move forward, rather that wishing to go back? Some things that will different for me for a very long time to come: I’ll probably be wearing a mask in public, especially in the winter, I will be more wary of large crowds, crowded restaurants and bars, and stores. I’ve learned to love online shopping. It’s so easy and convenient. I will cherish time with my sister, be anxious to go visit my brother when I feel safe getting on an airplane again. I’ll enjoy time with my lake friends in small groups and I’ll love to get back to church, but honestly, I’ve enjoyed the online services, too. I want to travel again, but I’m going to be oh-so-cautious about where I go and how I get there and what I do when I am there.

Mostly I think I’m going to be more aware of the beauty of life around me and how blessed I am in my circumstances. How about you? How is life going to change for you now that we are seeing light at the end of the pandemic tunnel?

Stay well, stay safe, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!