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Sunday Snippet–The Holy Cow, It’s December Version

How did it get to be December already? And yet…life has moved slower this year because we’ve been pretty much on lockdown since March. We have chosen to live the be-safe-be-well life and so we stick pretty much close to home and to our little pod of seven.

However, I’m still writing and editing and talking to Liz every morning on Gchat and keeping up with lake pals and other friends via text and Skype and visiting with sis on FaceTime. I’m walking every day–either outside if the weather permits or on the treadmill, which means watching The West Wing or Gilmore Girls while I get some activity in. I’ve turned in book 1 of the new River’s Edge series to my editor at Tule and am on pins and needles as I wait for her notes. I’ve actually started book 2–Max and Lauren began talking to me, telling me their story. Discovery is always so much fun!

We’re also getting ready for Christmas. We’ve decorated the house, which we didn’t do last year because we’d just moved and finding holiday decorations wasn’t going to happen. This year, we’re all lit up! I did all my shopping online this year and although I missed  the hustle and bustle of being in a store at the holidays, I mostly enjoyed finding my gifts at my favorite online retailers. We’re participating in all our church Advent virtual activities and enjoying knowing that our church friends are with us in spirit. We’ve even sent out some of our Christmas cards and Husband bought bubble lights for the tree–a little trip back to his childhood.

I’m working on finding the joy… I hope you are, too!

Until next week, mes amies, stay well, stay safe, and most of all, stay grateful!