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Snippet Sunday–The Pandemic List Version

My writing bestie, Liz, and I are big ones for lists and okay, yeah, it’s a cheap and easy way to get a blog written, but you know, sometimes we just need to stop and count our blessings. So that’s what I’m doing today—I’m going to make a list of all the stuff I’ve discovered about me as a writer and as a person since the Quarantine started. Ready? Here we go…

I can sprint. I mean, seriously, I can write up to 861 words in 30 minutes if I’m focused and on the clock. It’s actually how I write, although I’d never given it a name before. I may not write every single day, but when I do, I get in a bunch of words. I’m going to start sprinting weekly with some fellow Tule authors…hopefully the second book in the Lange Brothers series will get done early…or at least on time.

I’m better if I stay on a schedule even though it’s so very easy to let the schedule go when the outdoors beckons and I want to ride my bike or take a walk because I’m tired of staying home all the time. Winter weather means outdoors won’t beckon so much and even though I do it, somehow, the treadmill just isn’t the same, Getting up at six in the morning, coming to my office to work or write and then taking occasional breaks and stopping at five or so makes me more productive, both as a writer and an editor.

I’ve been learning to use Canva to create promotional stuff and it’s fun! I’m not one moment arty or crafty, but I can work with what is provided free on Canva and I’ve done some simple, but cool stuff.

I really love online church. I don’t think it’s because I’m lazy and don’t want to get up and get dressed and drive to the church building on Sunday mornings. I think it’s because we only do one service online, and I get to see all the other great musicians and folks who participate in second service. So lots of new, inspiring music and the message is always amazing thanks to our two great pastors. It still feels like we are all worshipping together even if we can’t be together. Plus, I can feel my sister’s spirit, just knowing she’s at her house watching, too.

I’m addicted to my kids and grandkids hugs and their faces. Up until late spring, we only had driveway visits and every time, I saw Grandboy holding himself back just like I have to when we first see each other. I’m so grateful now for our pod since it’s the only in-person human interaction I have. Yes, I know that makes me luckier than most, but we all work hard to keep our pod safe and we are dramatically more cautious. It’s so worth it to be able to hug my kids!

I’m way more social that I would have guessed. I miss writer days with Liz. I miss conversations with my freelancer colleagues and my dear friends here and at the lake and new friends here in our new neighborhood. I could probably spend an entire day on Skype or Google Meet if I let myself, just going from friend to friend to catch up. I told Husband last night that when this is over, I intend to bring a big group of my friends together for a feast of great food, great wine, and great conversation!

That’s probably not everything, but it’s enough for now. It’s just a little bit longer and we’ll all be back in the sun together. So stay well, stay safe, mes amies, and most of all, stay grateful!