…is a wonderful thing! Of all the terrific things about the Interwebs, Skype is my absolute favorite!

You see, my kid lives 2,000 miles away and my heart aches daily from missing him. I last about three months before I get a raging case of “poor mommy” and have to see and hug him. I last even less time between phone calls–two days max and I’m hyperventilating, wondering if he’s okay. So, Skype is my cyber new best friend.

We connect up and I get to see that sweet little bearded face, while all the news from his neck of the woods comes with visuals and vice versa. So today on Father’s Day, we got to take him on a tour of our new lake cottage and he got to show us his new espresso machine. Woot!!

It’s not the same as having him here in the same room, oh hell,or even  in the same state, with me, but it’s close! And given the choices my ancestors had way back in 1858 when their kid moved from Ireland to Chicago–I’ll take the twenty-first century and Skype any day!!

It was great to see you today, Kid! I love you!

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  • Betty Fokker

    I’m glad you have Skype! I want to move my family to Ireland one day, but we need to wain until the littlest one is old enough to travel well, since my mother will still need to see them regularly, or she will go insane.