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Saturday Snippet

I’m going to try a new thing here on the blog–the Saturday Snippet. Each week, I’ll give you a tiny snippet from my current work-in-progress or I may give you a peek into some parts of River’s Edge that aren’t in any of the Four Irish Brothers Winery books. Just a quick chance to follow along with the next River’s Edge books and to look behind the scenes in River’s Edge, Indiana. I’m not going to give context or set up the snippets. I’m simply going to present them here–I hope you are intrigued enough to return for more! Here’s today Saturday Snippet from the new River’s Edge story currently in progress:

He raised one blond brow. “Well, Miss Boynton, do you know why I stopped you?”

She had no idea why he’d stopped her. She shrugged. “Not a clue, I’m sure.”

“Have you been drinking, ma’am?”

This time she laughed out loud. “Are ye quite mad, man? It’s not even noon.”

He eyed her, his gray eyes going from charcoal to silver in the late morning light. “I ask because you were driving rather erratically and on the wrong side of the road.”

Kitt scoffed. “I was driving erratically? You should be chasing down the two eejits back there.” She pointed over her shoulder as she peered at his brass badge glinting in the noon sun. No name, just a badge number. “One of them nearly ploughed me over.”

He sighed and straightened. “Miss Boynton, please step out of your vehicle.”

She tilted her head, trying to see his face. “Are you crazy? I’m not gettin’ out of this car. That’s how women get abducted or do ye no watch CSI?” Surreptitiously, she shoved the lock on the door with her thumb, fully aware that he could simply unlock it again by sticking his hand into her open window. Ridiculous, but she felt more secure anyway.

He crossed his arms over his chest, the tablet tucked under one elbow. “We got a call about you. Apparently,  you’ve been driving on the wrong side of the road for several miles.”

Had she? She thought for minute. Sweet lord, she had! She closed her eyes, then opened them, deciding to give humor a try. She offered a smile. “Officer, I prefer to think of it as this whole country drives on the wrong side of the road—I’m drivin’ on the right side of the road.”

Today’s gratitude: Husband, Son, DIL, and Grandboy; my computer died, but dear Son brought it back to life; cooler days and even cooler nights–fall is in the air; the scent of fresh-ground coffee beans in the morning; and relief from social media–it was time for a break.

Stay well, stay safe, and stay grateful, mes amies!