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Days 28-30: Gratitude and Man, Am I Overwhelmed

…not yet!

Okay, so three days of gratitude–not a tough task because I have so much in my life to be grateful for. But there is also the fact that I am still completely overwhelmed by what feels like my chaotic life. It’s not really, I guess, but not having a home makes you feel very unsettled and out of sorts. Although I can’t begin to imagine actually being homeless because of finances, it is very strange to not have a place to call home.

It’s been a busy three days, getting two editing gigs into publishers by the deadlines, thinking about Bren’s book and how I’m going to build the story that is brewing in the forefront of my imagination right now, getting read for an author event that got postponed, preparing promotion for Aidan’s book, and having a guest at the lake this weekend.

Our sweet SIL, Terri, came to spend the rainy weekend with us and she was planning on coming to the Wine and Wheels event where Liz and I were going to be selling and signing books. on Sunday. Unfortunately, a drenching rain forced Amanda at the winery to postpone the event until next Sunday. It truly would have been a muddy mess, so I’m glad she did! Terri and I ended up going over to the winery anyway so she could see where we’ll be set up next weekend and of course, we tasted some wine while we were there. Then on to the Sportsman for a bite of lunch before coming back to the cottage to do what we do best at the lake–read, rest, and relax. Well, she got the R&R&R in, while I worked. I think she was happy to just be near the water and have an opportunity to get out of the city . We had fun, in spite of the weather and my arduous work schedule.

Gratitude for now:
Husband, Son, DIL, and Grandboy
A nice, if wet, weekend with SIL and lake buddy, Moe
Got a project finished and another well underway
A lovely birthday dinner with my lake ladies at a fab little tavern not far from the lake. Had the best filet I’ve ever had in my life and even got to be a bit of celebrity, thanks to Moe hawking my books. Thanks, Moe!
Going to look at houses this week–hold a good thought everyone!
Sunshine today
Cooler temps, more like fall, are on the way–yay!

That’s it from me for now–remember, mes amies, to hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well.


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Days 26 & 27: Gratitude and Exhaustion


This will be a short post today because I’ve spent the entire day editing and my mind is mush. It’s been a good day, productive and that’s always nice. We got the boat back with it’s brand new cover and it looks lovely. Riding from the marina back to our place was a quick-and-dirty boat ride, but oh, so fun to be on the water, even for a short time. We got back into our slip and the new cover all buttoned up just as the thunder started rumbling in the distance. Sure enough, by the time we’d walked up to the cottage, huge raindrops were starting to fall.

It rained all afternoon and the cool breeze and drumming of the rain, punctuated by the occasional clap of thunder and bolt of lightning made for a pleasant afternoon. Sometimes rain gives you permission to abandon your work and spend the day reading, which is what Husband did. I, on the other hand, had to keep working, but it was nice to hear the rain on the window as I edited.

Gratitude for today:
All the lovely birthday greetings on FB and text messages, phones calls, and cards. Thank you everyone!
The Downton Abbey movie was wonderful–we left the theater wondering what Julian Fellowes would come up with next for the Crawleys and their household.
Good to be back with our lake buddies–good pal Moe took us over to the marina to pick up the boat from the cover folks and brought us pork tenderloin. She is indeed a good friend.
I got the cover for Aidan’s book–that’s a post for another day when I get ready to do my reveal, but oh, man, Lee Hyat has given me another gorgeous cover for the new book. All will be revealed next week.
Found out I don’t have to do something I wasn’t looking forward to doing but that I’d agreed to do for someone else. Thanks, universe, for fixing that for me. I appreciate it!

Remember, mes amies, remember to hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well.


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Days 23-25: Gratitude and Plenty of It


I’m behind. But you know, life gets in the way. I’ve been working mostly–trying to catch up on editing gigs that I have deadlines coming up on. Three jobs at the moment, so mostly long days in front of the computer.

Last night, I got to spend the evening with sister PJ, BIL, Husband, Son, DIL, and Grandboy celebrating Sister’s and my birthdays. There was wine and delicious food and a lovely birthday cake from a German Bakery here in the city. We had a great time, exchanged fun gifts and just generally enjoyed being a family. My grandparents had eight grandchildren and of the eight, five were born in September. Apparently January in Indiana has always been really cold!

I’m still brewing Brendan’s book, which I just found out is due March 16–I’m fairly sure I know where I’m going but I need to start in Tierney’s POV, so that’s what I’m thinking about right now. Also, I’m going to be getting promo together for Christmas with You just as soon as I get the cover, which should be soon. I have a Tule holiday party on October 9!!

Gratitude for today:
A new laptop
Lovely sunny days
A walk with Husband, Son, and Grandboy today
Fun evening with sister
Bday gifts–gorgeous scarves and other fun little things and tickets to see ISO salute to Linda Ronstadt in March! Fun!!
Relaxing about the house hunt–our house will be there
Work–always a good thing

Happy birthday to my cuzzies–Suz and Barb, whose b-days are today and the day after mine, which is tomorrow. So happy birthday to me. In the meantime, mes amies, hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well.


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Day 22: Gratitude and a Good Day

Yeah, they caught me midsentence, so dopey as usual, but Lizzie looks great, huh?

Today Liz and I did a presentation at the library (remember Two Natural Blondes…?) and it was great fun! Sandy, the events coordinator, did a gorgeous job setting up for us, we had a good group of folks come to listen and participate, and…ta da! We sold some books. All in all, a good time. Afterward, Liz and D and Husband and I and Moe all went out to supper together. They make such huge portions at the Chinese place, we all ended up bringing home tomorrow’s lunch and maybe even the next day’s.

I’ve been working on editing gigs since I got home this evening and I’m winding down fast, so here’s today gratitude:
A good time at the library with readers
A whole day of NOT worrying about houses
I’m learning my laptop and getting comfortable
Gentle rain shower on the way home and it’s still dripping some
Got one editing gig done, another one well underway

That’s it for me tonight, mes amies, remember to hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well.


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Days 20 & 21: Gratitude and Disappointment

PJ and me

Right off, it’s a great day today, September 21, because it’s my sister, PJ’s birthday. So anything else that happened today gets overshadowed by that wonderful fact. Happy birthday, Sister! I love you to the moon and back!

I’m doing two days because, frankly, I fell asleep last night before I could blog. I’m not blaming the tequila or the bottle of wine I shared with Husband and pal, Moe, but there are those who might. To them I say, “Piffle.” We had a great evening, sharing a meal, some lovely beverages, and a cutthroat game of Phase 10. Moe won.

Today, we went to see two houses that looked very interesting and nice in the pictures on our portal. In real life, not so much. I just disappointed as anything when we see a house that seems very possible and then when we go see it in person, we discover that the pictures lie. Both these houses had issues that didn’t show up in the photographs. I think that’s sucky. Honestly, when our realtor took the pictures of our house, they were all real. They showed exactly what the people who came to see the house actually saw. I’d have so much more respect if realtors just told me the truth. “The house has a weird smell” or “this place desperately needs to have all the wood on the outside replaced” or “these folks haven’t opened the vents to their crawl space since Jesus was in the third grade.” I probably wouldn’t buy the place, but at least I’d know I wouldn’t need to bother to go see it. However, I know our house is out there–one day soon, it will present itself to us.

Tomorrow, Liz and I are doing a presentation at the Logansport Library–if you’re in the area and looking for a couple of hours of entertainment, stop by at 2 pm and join us, won’t you?

Gratitude for two days:
Tequila and Wine
Chocolate (I’m sensing a theme here, how about you?)
Son and DIL
A fun evening with Moe
Leaves falling and blowing around the car as we drove today–so pretty

Remember to hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well!


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Day 19: Gratitude and a Great Retreat


Well, we’re back from retreat–Liz is at home and I’m back at the lake. Our trip was fantastic, mostly because we travel so well together, never seem to run out of things to talk about, and yet, enjoy companionable silences. Our condo was lovely and Grand Haven was, well, grand. 😉 We both got done what we wanted to get done and that felt wonderful!

Holland, MI

Today, our drive home went along the Lake Michigan coast until we got to St. Joseph. We caught glimpses of the lake as we drove along the Blue Star highway, stopping in Saugatuck for breakfast and Holland to watch a schooner make it’s way out into the lake. Every time we stopped to see the water, I thought of my mom, got a little lump in my throat, and wished like crazy that Lizzie could’ve met her and that we could’ve stayed another few days.

But life called us home and it was very good to see Husband and friend Moe and the lake. Time to settle back into what is currently my normal. I’ll be back to work on my editing gigs tomorrow–taking care of business stuff and working, probably on Son’s screened porch because it’s a lovely spot and I get a lot done there. However, I will have my sweet memories of this writing trip to warm me and Liz and I will be back on Gchat in the morning as usual.

We do have a couple of fun events coming along as September comes to a close. On Sunday, September 22, Liz and I will be speaking at the Logansport library, so if you’re int he area around 2 pm, stop by. We’d love to see. Then, next Sunday, September 29, we’ll be at the Wine and Wheels car show at Whyte Horse Winery here in Monticello. It’ll be a fun day of wine and hot rods and book signing. Stop by! In between those Sunday events, I’ve got a birthday to celebrate with my sis! We both turn a year older this week.

We’ll be there, will you?

Gratitude for today:
Another amazing writing trip with my bestie
Lake Michigan, always and eternally
Hugs from Husband–I missed his arms around me
Safe driving as we traveled
A new laptop–mine aged into recalcitrance and I wasn’t in a place to try to deal with it, so I got a new one. Same brand, newer model. So far, I’m liking it.


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Day 18: Gratitude on Our Last Day of Retreat

Our lunch view today

What a grand time this has been, although if you asked me to list all that we did, pretty much the list would be we wrote, we revised, we processed and brainstormed writing and revisions, and we ate. It wasn’t a touristy trip at all–we mostly stayed in our condo and did what we came up to do and for that, I’m very glad because yesterday around 6 pm, Liz shut her computer and said, “It’s finished” about her Christmas Town story. Today, sometime around 4 pm, I finally sent the revisions on Aidan and Holly’s book back to my editor. We did it! I’m so delighted to be celebrating our success that I’m going to pour another glass of wine and turn this over to Lizzie for a bit.

LIZ: It’s our last night on the road. We had a great dinner and came back to the condo to work on our presentation at the Logansport Library on Sunday afternoon. We’re talking about writing in retirement, and these past four days have been one of the best things about it. Not only do we get good friendship time, we get great writing time, too. And a considerable amount of great food!

Nan: So, the food thing; Yeah. So many great restaurants on this trip and even a couple of fun nights just snacking around here in our temporary home. We’ve had fish tacos, a new take on BLTs, amazing salads, corn chowder, tomato basil soup, and did I mention some good wine? There was also ice cream and fudge because after all this is Michigan. But it was all served against the backdrop of the lake, which somehow makes everything taste better.

Grand Haven lighthouse

Liz: I’ve loved this trip, as I always do, but I also miss the music guy. I’ll be glad to see him. He doesn’t listen as well as Nan, but I’ll be glad to talk to him face-to-face anyway. I also love that it’s been productive, that we’ve both finished projects we needed to put behind us so we can go on to other things.

Nan: I know what you mean, Liz. I’ve missed the beardy man and it’s so good to get book 3 put to bed, so I can start on book 4 and focus on my editing gigs. I’m also ready to get really serious about the house hunting…

Liz: Looking forward to our next trip, Nan. Do you think P.E.I is ready for us?

Nan: Well, I think P.E.I better start girding its collective loins because this winter, we’re going to plan our next exciting writing adventure! Thanks everyone who came along on this one! Sure enjoyed having you with us!

We’re headed home tomorrow–all of you, remember to be hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well.

~Nan~ & ~Liz~

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Day 17: Gratitude Michigan Style

Sunset at Lake Michigan

It’s been a long day of revisions. I’m finally through that process although not without a lot of gnashing of teeth and tears. I wish I could tell you I’m being dramatic, but Liz will testify–it was arduous. However, she was throwing around terms like drama queen and big baby. Tomorrow, will be a final run-through edit and then it goes back to my editor. Liz finished the rough draft of her Christmas Town story with very little teeth-gnashing and no tears at all. We also have to spend some time talking about our library presentation that’s coming on Sunday. We do think we should try to prepare something that’s at least mildly entertaining.

We treated ourselves to shampoos and blowouts to celebrate and wonder of wonders, have gone an entire day without wine. Just never got to it, I guess. We’ll probably fix that tomorrow. We ate supper at a cute place called the Paisley Pig Gastropub. Decent food and very nice server. Before supper, we made a quick trip to the public beach simply because I can’t imagine being in Grand Haven and not at least dipping my toes in Lake Michigan. It was amazing!

Gratitude for today:
Being able to put my toes in Lake Michigan
Spending time with Liz–we are so companionable!
Finishing revisions on Aidan and Holly’s book
Being pretty satisfied with the revisions on Aidan and Holly’s book
We still have one more full day here

~Nan~ & ~Liz~

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Day 16: Gratitude with Liz


A Sum of Its Parts

Hello! It’s Liz, hijacking Nan’s blog for today. It’s a glorious day in Michigan. The condo we’re in is walking distance from…everything. We’ve had great food, great ice cream, and a glass or two of wine, so it was good we walked.

The walk by the musical fountain in Grand Haven

Although I don’t have the heart link with Michigan that Nan has, I do love it here. The World Wranglers have been trash talking the past few days about the Dog Days Kristi’s suffering in Ohio (I’m not sure she likes us anymore 😊), but we’re in mellow weather here and it is good not only for the disposition but for the soul as well.

Our work here this week is important to the romance writer’s life. Nan’s putting some flowers in a few bare spots in her almost-ready-for-her-editor manuscript and I’m in the last chapter of this year’s Christmas Town story, which will be out in February. I think I spend as much time on the last chapter as I did the three before it put together, but I need for the close to be satisfying. A story is so very much more than the sum of its parts.

After those things are done, it will be fun time. She’ll work on the fourth Flaherty Brother story and I’ll…well, find a new place. A new beginning. As I’ve said before, just often enough to be annoying, the only page better than the last one is the first one.

As lovely as advances and royalties are, there are other payments for writing books that have incomparable value. Just a few of them are:

  • The blank page. As terrifying as it is, we get to fill it up. And if what we fill it up with is dreck, we get to hit “delete,” and do it all over again.
  • Writing “The End.” I don’t really write it anymore, but the end is there anyway, and it is a reward that rates right up there with bourbon butter pecan ice cream.
  • Having people be interested in what you do.
  • Taking trips with your BFF.
  • Brainstorming with said BFF, who NEVER tells you you’re an idiot who should give it up.
  • Reading things aloud to the person you share your life with and having him say it’s excellent. Absolutely. Whether he heard you or not.
  • Watching a couple walk down the sidewalk together and by the time they get to the corner, you’ve given them a story. And names. And a puppy.
  • More parts. Putting them all together until they are a jagged but complete sum.
  • The blank page. Yeah, I know I said it once, but it bears repeating.

Thanks for stopping by. Stop in and see Nan tomorrow—she’ll be glad to see you!

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Day 15: Gratitude and We’re on Retreat!

Our condo is great!

It’s been a great day! Liz and I set off this morning in the rain, which, while dampening our hair did not dampen our spirits! Although the rain made Liz’s hair get big and mine to droop, like the ears of a basset hound. However, that’s why God made hair clips, right?

We meandered up to Grand Haven. Took our time traveling through the the corn fields of Indiana and enjoyed a tour of the campus at Notre Dame in South Bend, which has changed a lot since the last time we were through. We took the back roads into Benton Harbor and realized that, even though lunch sounded good, it sounded good to everyone else in the town as well. Restaurants on the lake were crazy busy, so we opted to go farther north and ended up having lunch in St. Joseph at a fabulous little pub, where we ate outside and could see the lake.

Ahhh… when I see Lake Michigan, I feel like I’m home. It brings back so many fond memories of coming here with my mom. Funny, Liz said, “This really makes you think of your mom, doesn’t it?” Until she mentioned it, I didn’t realize how much Michigan is my mom for me.

We got back on the road, stopped in South Haven to hit a favorite winery of ours, and got to the condo where we’re staying around 5 or so. It’s delightful! Charming and roomy and in the perfect spot in Grand Haven because we can walk to wherever we want to go. We settled in and spent a little time on our computers, trying to write. We were both too wound up from traveling to do much, so we gave it up, hit the grocery store for supplies and then wandered down the street for supper.

Salads for supper.

Supper was delicious salads, then a walk around town as the sun finally set. Home again, we immediately changed into our jammies and took glasses of wine out to the deck. Lovely way to close out our first day here.

Gratitude for today:
A fun and great traveling companion in Liz
That first glimpse of Lake Michigan always warms my heart
The feeling of coming home
Perfect Michigan weather
Being on Retreat

More tomorrow! Rest well, mes amies, sweet dreams and be good to yourselves.
~Nan~ & ~Liz~

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