January Memos

snowDear Snow,

Um, I’m fairly sure we’ve had this talk before. Need I remind you that the holidays are over? You kinda blew white Christmas for us, and although I thank you for the big storm that gave me extra time with Son, DIL, and Grandboy, I’m ready for you to go away now. Oh, and take your pal, sub-zero temperatures with you. Scram!

Slippin’ & Slidin’,



DowntonAbbeyDear Writers of Downton Abbey,

**Spoiler Alert!!** Really? You had to go there? You couldn’t leave Anna and Mr. Bates alone for one freakin’ season? Please, fix this immediately and let’s get back to the charming banter and great story lines of previous seasons, okay?




miss foxDear Miss Fox,

Welcome back! I do hope you’ve decided to make our brush pile your maternity den for 2014. It was lovely to see you come out and lounge on top of it for a few hours. Please stay. We’d love to watch your little ones romping in the back yard this spring. They are awesome cute.





chris_jennacancun beach shotDear Sisters,

I’m so very glad you both had fun in Cancun celebrating Chris and Jenna’s wedding.  It looks like you enjoyed yourselves thoroughly and I haven’t felt a moment of green-eyed envy, even though it hasn’t really been very nice here at home (reference Memo 1 in this post). Come home now, please.


Your Sister Nan