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I’m Back! Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday #8

wewriwa_square_3I missed last Sunday, but it was for a good cause. I was out visiting Son, DIL, and darling Grandboy. My treat for all the weeks of work I’ve been doing. So this week, you not only get a snippet from my current WIP, you also get pictures—Grandboy in all his overwhelming cuteness and even one with sister, PJ! After you read today’s snippet, scroll to the bottom of this post—you won’t be sorry!

Last time in the snippet from Like Fine Wine, Julie was amazed to realize that her feminine emotions weren’t dead at all as Will misreads her expression and hugs her. But when he looks into her eyes again, he can’t resist and he kisses her… And yes, I’m teasing you by not giving you the snippet with the kiss because I’m mean like that. But here’s her reaction it…

The therapist had warned me the meds I was taking might dampen my libido. Apparently, she hadn’t counted on Will Brody, because my libido was on point. I slipped one hand under his sweater only to find his undershirt keeping me from the warmth of his bare skin.

When he slid his other hand down my back to my behind, pressing my lower body to his, evidence of his arousal was unmistakable. The feel of his erection against my belly splashed icy reality over me. Oh, sweet Christ in heaven! The last time a hard-on pushed into my stomach like that was on Mackinac Island.


More of both Like Fine Wine and The Music Is You as the weeks progress. Thanks for stopping by and please don’t miss the other Weekend Writing Warriors.   Head on over and check out the work of dozens of other writers. You’ll be so glad you did!

grandboy20130326_141654Grandboy climbs