This Life...

Holiday at the Lake

This weekend is our first holiday in the new lake cottage. PJ and my brother-in-law have spent a couple days with us and yesterday, we floated and swam in the lake, drank good wine; and cooked out. The neighbors are coming by regularly to introduce themselves and Husband and I are enjoying ourselves immensely in this new place, this new life.

It’s so much fun to get to know all these good folks–everyone’s been warm and welcoming and incredibly generous. “Hey if you need any tools, feel free to come up to my workshop, I’ve got anything you need…” or “Hog Roast on the Commons on Sunday, hope you’ll come and meet the rest of the Park…” As if we’d miss that! The women are good gracious ladies, who aren’t adverse to sharing a beer and a chat on the back of their golf carts.

And ah, the golf carts! Everyone in the Park has a golf cart, big, small, plain, fancy…they cruise around like floats in a parade or sometimes even like Barney Oldfield at the racetrack. We opted not to do a golf cart–we’re bring our bicycles up and until then, just hoofing it down to the waterfront (it’s all of half a block). I’m sure we’ll probably end up with one eventually, but for now walking suits us.

The fireworks are tonight down at the Beach–the amusement park that has been a staple in the state for close to 75 years. No doubt, we’ll hitch a ride with one of neighbors and go down in their boat to watch the celebration.

Being here makes me glad that I live in a country so full of promise and abundance. Oh, I know the economy isn’t great and things have been better in the good ole USA, but this weekend, I’m glad to be an American, happy to be at the lake with my sis, just kicking back and enjoying a sunny summer weekend. Life is good…