Down Time

I finished a big editing gig today and I don’t have anything new coming until next week—that’s unusual for me. Normally, one job follows another and sometimes they even overlap. It’s a good thing to be so busy and to know that work is coming in and that my clients need me. I love that feeling. But today, I heaved a large sigh of relief after I sent the invoice for this project…not because of the project—it was fine. Rather, it was because I was completely jacked up about having a few days to work on my novels.

So, did I stay at the computer and write? Nope. I did laundry, weeded in between the raindrops, checked the blogs I follow, caught up on email, and cleaned the kitchen. I even did an extra check of Facebook, which means I’ll surely hear from my friend and FB sheriff, Tim. And then I opened the living room windows and curled up on the couch to read a book. It’s Jenny Cruisie‘s Maybe This Time. What a treat! I have it on my Kindle and as usual, Jenny’s done a glorious job of character and world building.  Her books are always a wonderful escape and I confess to escaping this afternoon for about three hours.Thanks, Jenny!

I’ll write tonight—I owe my critique partner two chapters from the new novels, but there wasn’t really a better way to spend a gray and rainy afternoon than snuggled on my big comfy sofa with Jenny’s book. Oh, and by the way, I love, love my Kindle! I balked about getting one, but since I’ve asked my agent to submit my novels to epubs, it seemed only right that I learn about digital reading. It’s fantastic! It goes everywhere with me, I can read late at night in bed without disturbing husband’s sleep, and I’ve discovered all kinds of new authors and rediscovered old favorites, like Gene Stratton Porter and Charlotte Bronte and Mark Twain…fun!!

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