Days 12 & 13: Gratitude and Yes, I’m behind

Do you remember me saying that I was determined to be grateful each day, even if the most I could say was that I was grateful the day was over? That’s where I was yesterday and instead of posting it, I let it slide. I’m glad I did because today is better and later last night, it was lovely because I got to put Grandboy to bed, read Dogman with him, and sing and cuddle until Mommy came home to tag-team with me.


There is such joy in being with that kid–and don’t get me wrong, he can be a royal PIA and sometimes stubborn and sometimes a real pill. But mostly, he’s sweet and funny and charming as heck. He has an innocence about him that I sorta hope he never loses, although I know that he will because life happens and you grow up and reality is there. But for now, his sweet wonder at the world warms my heart.

Ten things I’m grateful for:
Grandboy’s cuddles and hugs
The full moon tonight
How the temperature went from 92 in the city to a balmy mid-70s by the time we got to the lake today
Getting my nails done
Just one more day until Michigan with Lizzie
Seeing the Christmas covers that Lee Hyat is doing for Tule–so far, they are gorgeous!
A great freelancer luncheon–so good to see my colleagues and friends after being a hermit since April
My Black Dog Coffee thermal mug–it keeps coffee hot for hours
Stopping at R&M, the little grocery store at the lake–folks there are so friendly and they have the best apple butter!
Got to see sis and BIL today–fun! We dropped off Cub Scout popcorn and picked up fresh tomatoes and wine–not sure who came out ahead on that deal, but I think it was us.

I’m planning on blogging our writing retreat here, so be sure to come along to Grand Haven, Michigan, with us! We’d love for you to join us!