Day 3 Gratitude and Dearest Son

Two of my three favorite guys!

I love my kid–he is my heart and I’ve always maintained that if I am still breathing then he’s okay. Even if he’s not great, he’s okay, and we can handle whatever comes along. Sometimes “okay” is all a parent has to hold onto. Son is brilliant–like the scary kind of brilliant where his brain is so full that you believe his head must ache at times. He is pure engineer, always thinking, solving problems, analyzing issues, which makes him fabulous at his chosen career as a national security analyst.

He is also a caretaker and feels a heavy responsibility to me and Husband–as an only child, that’s natural. The three of us have a bond that is the best thing in my life. He wants so much to fix our “homeless” situation and he’s come up with several ideas–some off-the-wall, some good, some…um, not for us. But oh, how I love him for wanting to fix things for old Mom and Dad. However, it is plenty, more than plenty, that he and darling DIL have offered us temporary shelter in their guest room and allowed us to store boxes and boxes of our life in their basement.

So to my darling Son, I say, we’re okay, baby. Dad and I have got this. Our house is out there, waiting for us. We’ll find the one that is perfect for us and we’ll turn it into a home where family and friends will find warmth and welcome. Ignore old Mom when I whine about being “homeless,” sometimes I just need to vent. But I know with all my heart that we’ll always have a home with you and for that and a multitude of other things, I love you.
P.S. Don’t stop scheming and thinking, okay? We love processing this with you!

Gratitude for today:
Son, DIL, and Grandboy–always
Cool days that portend fall, my favorite season, although honestly, I love all the seasons
A writing day with Liz
Starting a new book

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