Counting My Blessings

We closed up the lake house this weekend and I’m sad that lake season is over. I’ll miss the big bay and our little cottage, but most of all, I’ll miss my dear friends. I hated leaving this afternoon after we’d winterized and packed up. We stopped by each family’s homes to say our good-byes and get hugs to last us until we go back up for the holiday Open House in three weeks. Then we head up again for a New Year’s Eve party, which thrills us no end, but we’ll surely miss our weekends at the lake. The good news is that it’s only a little over four months until it’s time to re-open and until then, we all have email and texts and FaceBook to keep in touch. I’m counting my blessings this weekend and number one on the list:

  1. My dear lake friends–I miss you all already and there were tears in the car on the way home.
  2. Our cottage and the lovely bay
  3. Ken & Mel, who take such good care of our park. Know how much we appreciate all your hard work!
  4. The beautiful weekend that made the process so much easier
  5. Great dinner together with our lake friends at Beaver’s Pub–good food, good beer, and great company!

What are your special blessings this weekend?



  • Robena Grant

    I know what you mean. I had to say goodbye to family in Australia on Friday. Always such a hard thing to do. But I’m thankful that all are well and that I have the resources to travel there every other year. There is nothing quite like being with people who “get” you. : )