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Celebrating Seasoned Romance: Mary Cooney-Glazer

I’m very pleased to welcome author Mary Cooney-Glazer today–Mary, how great you could join us! I really enjoyed the opportunity to sit down and chat with you.

MARY: Hello, Nan. Thank you for having me as a guest. As a first-time, second-career novelist, I am delighted to have completed and published the book, This Time Forever. Writing a novel about a second-time-around romance, featuring people shaped by life experience has been a wonderful and challenging adventure.

I was a Registered Nurse for many years, in clinical and management settings where business writing was part of the job. Fictional stories never saw the light of day until I joined a writers’ group, and finally gained enough confidence to do some short stories and try to write dialogue. From there, it was a quick leap to taking snatches of conversation or a meeting that I saw and start to spin stories. As friends’ lives changed, by widowhood or divorce, I started seeing that there is no expiration date on falling in love. An idea for a story related to a second time around romance came to me and there was no choice. I had to write it.

NAN: Mary, what are you currently promoting?

MARY: I am currently promoting This Time Forever. It’s my first novel, published on November 3, 2017. The story is about what happens after an over fifty couple meets unexpectedly after he broke their engagement over the telephone and without any explanation twenty-five years before. He did that while he was visiting his family in London for what was supposed to be a week’s stay.

NAN: What genre do you write in?

MARY: This is an emerging genre called “Seasoned Romance.” It includes stories about a wide age range, but main characters are at least over 30. Most romances traditionally feature twenty-somethings. However, there’s a growing audience of readers with more life experience looking for stories about people their own age. I plan to continue writing about main characters in their fifties or older. The supporting cast varies from the twenties to the eighties.

NAN: Who would I like to have a conversation with, living or dead?

MARY: There are so many fascinating people. Barbara Walters would be my choice for this question. I admire strong, successful, women who are brave enough to take some chances on unknown situations. I would love to talk to someone who has had success in the literary and entertainment worlds as well. She fits both categories.

NAN: What are you currently reading?

MARY: Right now a, lot of Catherine Bybee. I truly enjoyed Fool Me Once as well as her “Not Quite” and “Weekday Brides” series. Her books have good plots woven into the love stories. The scenes between the lovers are spicy, without being super explicit, and they fit into the story well.

NAN: What makes good writing?

MARY: I like a good story. The characters and plot need to be well developed. Characters’ actions and dialogue have to match their role in the story. I want the writing to draw me into the scene, showing me what’s happening. I want to understand the sentences without re-reading them several times. Grammatically correct isn’t absolutely necessary all the time, but stories need to be understandable. The plot needs to hold my interest. In the romance genre, a happy ending is part of the structure. But twists and turns with an element of surprise are part of the fun. I do not like to see multiple typos.

NAN: Is there a theme/message underlying your book that you hope comes across?

MARY: Absolutely. I want people to realize that people of all ages can have romantic adventures, with the fun, discovery, tenderness, sex, and second chances. I have one character who is a bit heavier than usual, but gorgeous. I’d like readers to see that body size is no barrier to being attractive and desirable.

NAN: If someone wrote a book about your life, what would it be called?

MARY: Keep Trying Until You Figure It Out.

NAN: I love that! What did you like best/least about writing?

MARY: The best part was letting my imagination fly, then realizing that I was so into the story, that the characters were dictating it a lot of the time.

The part I liked least was the editing. It was excruciating to go back and clean up, check for missing quotes, make sure everything was tight, plot had no holes, etc. No joke, I read the story at least 30 times after the three betas pronounced it acceptable. There were still a few things that escaped notice.

NAN: Do you have anything specific you want to say to your readers?

MARY: A heartfelt thank you for spending your time reading my book. Authors wouldn’t exist without people who read their books. As a new author, I am thrilled every time someone tells me that my book was a fun/good/interesting read. You have so many excellent choices and I feel honored that you picked my book to read.

NAN: What do you do in your spare time?

MARY: Travel to Aruba and Florida to break up the New England winter. I also garden a bit and love to drop into local coffee spots. I try to slip in much needed exercise. Going out with my husband and friends is always a treat.

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This Time Forever

Angie Martin-Wilson was convinced nothing could interfere with her pleasant existence. Widowed for three years, she owned a successful Nurse Concierge business in picturesque Rock Harbor, on the north shore of Massachusetts. A handsome, sexy, interesting man was pursuing her, and she had loyal and supportive friends.

She wasn’t prepared for expectedly running into Ben Whitcomb, the man who shattered her life twenty-four years before. They were engaged when he went on a week-long visit to his family in London. Within a few days, during a brief and cruel transatlantic call, he ended their relationship without explanation. Although Angie healed enough to find happiness again, she never stopped wondering why he left.

Several years later, Ben realized he should have told her about the London situation, instead of cutting her out of his life. However, he found out it was too late to correct his terrible mistake. Ben thought the woman he couldn’t forget was lost to him forever.

Their unexpected meeting was an opportunity for questions and explanations. Would it also bring them a second chance for happiness?


The man in back of her couldn’t move fast enough to avoid a collision. He kept Angie from falling as she plowed into the middle of his chest.

“Oh my god, that was my fault. I am so sorry. Are you OK?” Angie was mortified as he held her shoulders until she was safely balanced upright. She apologized while she steadied herself, before seeing his face.

“I’m fine,” he answered, “No worries.” Then, “I knew that voice, but I couldn’t believe it!” he said. “Angela, is it really you?”

There was only one man in the world who called her by her full name and made it sound that wonderful.

She stood there, barely keeping herself composed.

I should say no, wrong person. Then I should run as fast as I can away from here. He’s still wearing the same cologne. The one that made me cry whenever I smelled it for years after we split. 

“It’s been well over twenty years, and I’d know you anywhere,” Ben told her, adding, “You’re still beautiful.”

Her thoughts raced.

That sexy British accent is still there. How can he look as good with gray hair as he did when he was blond? I felt solid muscle when I bumped into him. Why couldn’t he be fat and old looking? Oh god, did I at least remember to put on lipstick? What the hell is he doing in a linen department in Peabody? Why am I hesitating? I need to go. Now!

Red alerts flashed, and alarms were sounding in her brain. She ignored all of them.

This TIme Forever is available on Amazon.