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Autumn at the Lake…

…begins and ends with leaves. Gorgeous, colorful leaves everywhere–in the lake, on the road, on the docks, and particularly on our deck! Husband used the leaf blower on Saturday morning and within an hour, the deck was covered again. The umbrella, the table, the chairs, even our car became repositories for orange, red, yellow, and crispy brown maple leaves. The good news is that we can blow or sweep them out into the yard and the yard guy picks them up. Too bad we don’t have him down home–we are the ones who pick up leaves there. Personally, I’m totally into the whole someone else does the yard work thing that’s happening at the lake.

The weather was incredible this weekend, sunny and in the low 80s–not Indiana Summer because we haven’t had a frost yet.  Rather it was a warm and lovely October weekend trying to hang onto the last vestiges of summer. We spent most of our time out on the boat–cruising around looking at the changing trees and enjoyed the blue, blue sky and sunshine. We’re not at peak color yet, but take a look below–they’re coming along nicely, don’t you think?

The water sparkled in the sun and looked so inviting, I couldn’t resist putting my feet in when we anchored for lunch. I should have resisted–it was cold! Hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago, we were swimming! But in another week or so, we’ll have to take the boat out and put it up in the boat barn for winter storage, and then we’ll be closing up the cottage until next spring.

It’s harder and harder to leave on Sunday evenings–the thought of leaving for several months makes us both kinda pouty and sad. But we’re in the business of happy here, so we just remind one another that we’ve had a fantastic summer, we’ve made great new friends, and we’ll be back next year…ready for another season of lake life.


    • Nan

      All–thanks for coming by! Actually yes, we can go up in the winter and we intend to. But it won’t be every weekend and we won’t be spending the night there because we have to “winterize” the water lines so they won’t freeze. Our heat will be set at 55. We are looking forward to seeing the place all snow-covered and walking out onto the frozen bay. Most of our friends from there head to points south for the winter, though, so we won’t see much of them on our quick check-in trips.

  • robena grant

    How lovely. We don’t have such early change of colors. I miss that. I remember when my daughter attended Exeter, NH, and I’d go up to visit in October. While she was in school, I’d drive around snapping photos of trees. : )