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Author Spotlight: Something Blue

Pal, Robyn Neeley has gotten together with some other amazing authors to produce Something Blue, an 18-novella sweet romance anthology that features a wedding theme. It is purely fun, folks! Check it out!

Something Blue

A Sweet Romance Anthology

Toss the bouquet and say “I do” to this collection of sweet wedding-themed romcoms from the team who brought you the USA Today Bestseller Christmas Actually! 18 all-new novellas by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

Four Royal Weddings and an (Almost) Funeral

By Teri Wilson

Someone posh, someone new, someone annoying, something…true? A pair of royal correspondents from rival news outlets in London can’t seem to stop bumping heads at a succession of royal weddings, but when they band together to find one of the queen’s puppies while the dog is running amok in Westminster Abbey, things get even more royally complicated.

Then, and Now

By Sasha Sands

New Orleans Interior designer, Kate Young is thrilled to meet her daughter, Megan’s new boyfriend, Drew. But she’s mortified to learn that Drew’s dad, Clay, is her former college boyfriend, to whom she’s compared every man since. As the kids’ romance become more serious, Kate, a recent widow, is expected to join in the fun on a lake weekend. Drew is there too, and while their children spend time together, it leaves Kate and Drew to rehash the past and learn that their chemistry still smolders.

Second Chance Sweetheart

By Shirley Jump

An old friend comes back into town just in time to kidnap the bride from her wedding to a senator’s son. He knows the groom’s shady past and is saving her from a big mistake. But the spitfire he was always a little in love with is not so happy to have her plans derailed.

Wedding Rivals

By Nicole Flockton

Nina and Jake competed for everything in high school, whether it was debate champion or who could score the highest on a test. So when they find themselves standing up for their best friends it’s game on as to who can create the best wedding experience for their friends. Sparks fly as rivalries are renewed and what they once both denied about each other, cannot be denied any longer.

Her Purrfect Plus One

By Robyn Neeley

When Buttermilk Falls bookshop manager Chelsea Lowndes finds a stray kitten left outside her shop’s door, her curiosity turns to shock when around its neck is a note stating that the owner of the purring feline is the purrfect one for her.

And so many more, including authors Lucy Baker, Caron Carson, Cassidy Carter, Melinda Curtis, Marianne Evans, Mackenna Lee, Janice Lynn, Tif Marcelo, Annie Raines, Victoria, Schade, Lizzy Shane and Roe Valentine.

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A Special Sneak Peek at Four Royal Weddings and An (Almost) Funeral

by Teri Wilson

“So you’re here for the wedding, then?” the bartender asks as he slides a mimosa in front of me at the Goring Hotel’s posh lobby bar. The reflection of my powder-blue fascinator glitters back at me from the row of crystal chandeliers hanging overhead.

“Yes.” I take a dainty sip. “So exciting, isn’t it?”

The man sitting beside me snorts into his Bloody Mary. He’s dressed down—way down—in a tracksuit with expensive-looking trainers on his feet.

Of course they’re expensive. Rooms at this hotel start at almost two thousand pounds a night. I’m spending nearly all my savings on this little ruse.

It’s an investment in my future, I remind myself. Sure, I could be camped out on the street in front of Westminster Abbey with every other journalist in the city. I’ve got a press pass for this event affording access to the special area near the church reserved for media. But how am I supposed to get an early look at the wedding gown from down there?

I reserved my room at the Goring months before the hotel where the bridal party would be staying the night before the wedding was even revealed. Hedging all my bets, I reserved rooms at every upscale hotel in Central London. Last week, when the palace announced Lady Emmaline would be staying here, I knew I’d struck gold. I canceled all my other reservations and plunked down the rest of my savings for an outfit that would help me look the part of  royal wedding guest.

Don’t judge. At least I’m not digging through scraps of discarded fabric in the trash bin.

“I gather you’re not here for the wedding, then?” the bartender asks Cranky Tracksuit.

“That spectacle?” he asks, scowling into his drink.

I glare at him.

His gaze flits toward me. His eyes are startlingly blue—so dreamy that I wobble a bit on my barstool, even though he’s clearly not deserving of such a stroke of genetic luck. He just heard me say that I’m a wedding guest. For all he knows, I’m Lady Emmaline’s best friend.

“That’s offensive,” I say and reach for another sip of my mimosa.

“It’s accurate,” he counters. “Any union that involves the bride and groom’s faces being printed on tea towels is a spectacle.”

My face warms as I think about the commemorative royal wedding teacup on my desk at The Courier. “It’s a royal wedding—a public event. That kind of goes with the territory. People want to feel like they’re a part of it. That doesn’t make it a spectacle.”

“You sure about that?” He quirks an annoyingly attractive eyebrow.

Focus. You’re here to get the most important royal scoop in modern history, not ogle a cynical rich man’s eyebrows. “Absolutely. This wedding is just like a fairy tale.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” He plucks the celery stick from his drink. “Fairy tales aren’t real.”