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An Attitude of Gratitude

So, my friends and fellow writers, Mary Stella and Liz Flaherty are celebrating November by naming at least one something they’re grateful for each day. Wow, what a concept! We forget to be grateful every day.  We know we’re blessed, that we enjoy untold abundance but we get busy and stressed and run out of time. Then we get whiny and grouchy and snap at our loved ones or even at the poor innocent cashier at the grocery who was never taught how to count back change. Life gets in the way of gratitude.

I’ve been watching Liz post her thankfulness each day on Facebook—simple things, a lovely sunset, old friends, books… Today, Mary Stella announced her intention to be grateful each day and post it on her blog. She invited all of us to join her, so here I am. I’m subscribing to Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance approach to gratitude. Name five things each day that you are grateful for, even if some  days, all you’re thankful for is that the day is over. So, November will be month of gratitude for me, too. I’m committing to be thankful right here—each day, I’ll list five things I’m grateful for. Won’t you join Liz and Mary and me?

  1. My warm house when outside there’s frost on the grass
  2. Oatmeal with raisins, apples, pecans, and brown sugar
  3. StoryWonk and Lani and Alastair contagious enthusiasm for writing
  4. Husband still kisses me like a lover before he leaves for work—nice!
  5. Lunch date today with dear friend, CL

Talk to me. Tell me one thing or five or more, if you’re inclined. What are you grateful for today?


  • Judy, Judy, Judy

    I’ve been dreading listening to a lot of cruel election fall out at work – no matter which way it goes.
    I’m grateful that I figured out that I can take paid time off and not have to hear it.

  • Bethany

    Great idea! I think I’ll have the kids do this at dinner each night this month, too. I think sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate we are to have a roof over our heads, have a job, a family, or whatever else we take for granted each day. So I’m grateful today for the large things that seem like small things. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Nan

      Family dinner is a terrific time for the whole family to remember why they’re thankful. I think teaching kids gratitude can overcome that sense of entitlement that seems so pervasive in kids today. Good idea, Bethany!

  • Robena Grant

    I’m grateful for my 100 yr old mother in law, living alone in a high rise on Manhattan’s upper east side, surviving Sandy. She has both phone and electricity, and was not freaked out. And did I say I was grateful?

  • Skye

    I, too, read Sarah Breathnac’s Simple Abundance when it first came out. My mom bought it for me. Off and on over the years I have kept a gratitude journal. I’ve been keeping one again just recently. Maybe I’ll do this on my own blog, too. And/or on Facebook. Who knows.

    I’m grateful my body is strong and healthy enough to do what I need it to do.

    I did this over at Mary Stella’s, too. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful.