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8-Sentence Sunday

wewriwa_square_28-Sentence Sunday is back around and I’m switching it up on you again. Here’s the next 8 from Book 4 of the Women of Willow Bay series. For the previous snippets, head back to the the October 20 and 27 posts. Remember, this is Sarah Everett’s story, and as it opens, she’s terrified knowing that her abusive ex is out of jail. She suspects he’s stalking her because she’s seen a limo parked outside the shop where she works and her gut tells her it’s him. She and Mack, the night watchman are discussing possibilities…

She couldn’t help thinking of the vehicle as a huge dark monster, crouched on the street, teeth bared, ready to pounce if she stepped outside the shelter. Ridiculous. It was only a car; the car was harmless. The monster was lounging  inside in his leather seat, probably wearing an immaculately tailored suit and perfectly shined shoes. No doubt he was sipping expensive bourbon from a heavy crystal glass as he read stock reports on his iPad or scrolled through emails on his smart phone.

“Why don’t you let me call the station? They’ll run him off. Maybe he’ll give it up.”

I hope you’re intrigued. Stay tuned–I’ll be going back and forth between the two books because…well, because I can. Comments are welcome and encouraged. Please don’t miss the other Weekend Writing Warriors.   Head on over and check out the work of dozens of other writers. You’ll be so glad you did!