Writer's moments

8-Sentence Sunday

wewriwa_square_2It’s good to be back! I decided to just pull a random 8-sentence scene from Book 3 of the Women of Willow Bay this week, so here goes. Set-up is that 45-year-old freelance editor Sophie Russo is moving permanently to her summer home in Willow Bay, Michigan. Her dear grandfather has died and left her two cottages, so she’s settling into one and renting the other to her friend and colleague, Ben Dugan. At 51, Ben is newly divorced and pretty gun-shy about women.  Sophie and Ben have worked together for 10 years, but they’ve never met in person, so this scene is from the first face-to-face “meet-cute” as he arrives to begin his summer in Michigan.

He let go of his duffel to reach out to her with one arm. “Sophie?”

He’s going to hug me? No, no, don’t be an idiot. He wants to shake my hand.

Sophie nodded, took another couple of steps forward hand extended, and with a very unladylike, “Oof!” promptly stumbled over the duffel and landed in Ben’s arms. He tossed the sack of food on the counter as he caught her and held her so close she could feel his heart hammering under the soft cotton of his light blue shirt.

What must he think of her?

“Oh Ben, I’m such a putz, sorry,” she struggled, pushing against his chest with both hands as he tried to maneuver them around the suitcase.

This book still needs a title…hmmmm…

SATWM.final_small OMFTT.final_smallOn another note, The first two books in the Women of Willow Bay series are on sale this week exclusively at Amazon. Get either Once More From the Top or Sex and the Widow Miles for just $2.99 now through Valentines Day. Happy Hearts, Mes Amies!