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Welcome Back, Author Kris Bock: It’s All About the Cats!

I’m so pleased to welcome author Kris Bock back to the blog today! Kris writes novels of romance, mystery, and suspense. Her Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the employees and customers at a cat café. Watch as they fall in love with each other and shelter cats. Get a free 10,000-word story set in the world of the Furrever Friends cat café when you sign up for the Kris Bock newsletter. You’ll also get a printable copy of the recipes mentioned in the cat café novels.

Kris also writes romantic suspense set in the Southwestern U.S. If you love Mary Stewart or Barbara Michaels, try Kris Bock’s stories of treasure hunting, archaeology, and intrigue in the Southwest. Learn more at or visit Kris Bock’s Amazon US page or Amazon UK page. (For other countries click here.)

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The Furrever Friends Cat Café helps people find furry forever friends – and just might lead to romantic true love too. You’ll also find rescue cats with plenty of personality and their own ideas about what love is.

Book 1, Coffee and Crushes at the Cat Café, is now free!

“A sweet romance, with cats, kittens, yummy pastries (and recipes for some of them), and a hunky hero.” – reader review

Kari doesn’t have time for love when she’s opening her new cat café. She’s busy hiring employees, fighting with the health inspector – oh, and welcoming 16 shelter cats. But when a sexy master baker walks in, she can’t let him get away. So what does she do with the guy of her dreams? Set him up with her sister, of course.

Genre: contemporary romance, sweet/clean romance

“There are sisters looking out for sisters, instead of there being competition and cattiness (no pun intended), a deliciously sweet hero, and (of course!) all kinds of cats that fill the café and the characters’ hearts. What’s not to love? I definitely recommend this book for a pretty quick read that will leave you feeling all kinds of happy at the end.” – reader review

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Kari smiled. “So now you think making coffee sounds good? Or is it the cats that appeal to you?”

He returned her smile, and her knees went weak. He was not her type. She liked intellectual, career-focused men. She had never understood women who raved over a man in uniform. Not that he was in uniform now. She glanced down at his faded jeans and tried not to let her gaze linger on the snug black T-shirt as she looked up again. Now he looked like he should be jumping on a motorcycle without a helmet, not looking for work in a café that featured adoptable cats. Soldier or biker, he wasn’t her type – but she could see the appeal.

A clatter came from the kitchen, where her sister was organizing the supplies. On the other hand, this man might be Marley’s type. But was he a nice guy or a jerk?

“Both, actually.”

It took Kari a moment to realize he was responding to her question about coffee or cats.

“I tried a lot of things to deal with the PTSD,” he said. “Meditation, yoga, even knitting.” His eyes narrowed again, as if daring her to laugh.

She glanced at his hands, with the thumbs tucked into his front jeans pockets, and tried to imagine those hands working knitting needles. They’d be strong and rough against the soft yarn. She cleared her throat. “Does anything help?”

“I haven’t gotten the hang of meditation yet. Mostly I feel bored. Yoga has been good for rebuilding my strength and balance. Knitting …” He shrugged. “At first it helped because it was so challenging that I couldn’t think of anything else. Now I’m losing interest.”

I didn’t get your name yet,” she said. “I’m Kari.”


A lovely name. One that would feel good to say, nice and round in the mouth. She needed to not think about mouths. “You were telling me about how you got interested in coffee and cats.”

He leaned back in his chair and studied the large, framed poster of kittens on the side wall. “Who wouldn’t like cats? As for coffee, I’m not a connoisseur, but I like a good cup, and I can learn all the fancy stuff.” His gaze returned to her. “I started cooking mainly to feed myself. I was getting flabby from too much fast food.”

He didn’t look flabby now.

A smile softened his mouth. “Turns out cooking is fun. Focusing on the colors, the smells, the tastes. That helps keep me in the moment better than meditation. So eventually I got into baking.”

Kari sat up a little straighter. “You bake?”

Colin leaned forward and said in a seductive voice, “You should try my salted caramel blondies.”

Reader review: “I loved this book so much that I purchased the next book in the series, and it is just as sweet!”

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Visit the Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series page on Amazon US or Amazon UK. (For other countries click here.)