Sunday Snippet: The I’m Bugged Edition

I realize that only people over about 60 will get “I’m bugged, but I try to keep this blog rated PG, so I didn’t title it “The I’m Pissed Edition,” which may more accurately describe my current state of mind. I’ve been in a constant state of “bugged” for the past few weeks and I’m not sure I know why. Or maybe I do, but I’m not willing to own it. It’s this, I think, I’m tired of having to do everything online. Literally, everything. My job, my writing, my communication with others, church, school with Grandboy, visiting with sister and Moe and Liz and my other friends–everything is online. Please don’t think I’m not grateful for the internet and how it has made life in a pandemic bearable, I am, I truly am. I’m grateful for how easily I can do my editing gigs without having to deal with hard copies and UPS-ing stuff back and forth with publishers. It’s wondrous and I’m delighted. However, I am not delighted with the darker element of the internet–the one that clogs my blog with stupid spam comments and allows bots to troll my Instagram and Facebook posts. I cleared out 46 spam comments from my last post–a perfectly innocent post about a new release from a fellow author–spammed by creeps posting click bait. Ugh!

Crabby Nan

Blogs are hard enough–writing them, keeping them fresh, hoping someone will come along and read what you’ve spent time writing. My website is my place and I really resent the jerks who think they can spread their poisonous crap all over it. I do moderate, so I’m the only one who sees the trash, but you know what? I’m done. I tried not allowing comments before and it gets lonely, because who knows if anyone reads what I post here, but I’ve decided to close comments permanently. I’m happy to post each Sunday, keep whatever reader base I may have informed of what’s happening, and promote the heck out of my fellow authors’ work, but I’m done with allowing comments. It’s too demoralizing.

Crabby rant over. It’s been a pretty good week. I got work done, I got writing done, and I’m figuring out where my characters are headed, so all in all, things are mostly good. Liz and I are teaching a virtual workshop on Writing Contemporary Romance for the Indiana Writers Center tomorrow. It’s not too late to sign up if you want to join us. It’ll be casual and fun and hopefully, informative if you’re considering writing a romance.


Stay well, stay safe, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!

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