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Celebrating Seasoned Romance: Linda Tillis

Is there a better way to close out our celebration of Seasoned Romance than with a giveaway? I don’t think so! So, today, I’m turning the blog over to author Linda Tillis, who’s got an audio book to give away to one lucky commenter. READ ON FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE AUDIO BOOK!

Thanks, Nan! Folks often ask, “where do you get your stories from?”  Well, first off, I was born in Appalachia, where storytelling is bred into you. In years gone by, we would sit at the feet of our grandparents in the evening, and learn about our ancestors. These were remarkable stories that led me to dream of fantastical things.

Secondly, I’ve held only three jobs in my life, and all were filled with color, people, pathos, and adventure. And so, I write about what I know.

My first 18 years of work were spent in a sewing factory. I learned everything there was to know about the fashion industry. From designing to the shipping of the finished garment. This gave me a love of color that has never left me.

My next twenty years were spent in Crime Scene Investigation.  Quite a change, right?

So, I spent twenty years of documenting everything from the smallest burglaries, to horrific homicides.  That much raw life and death can take a toll on the body, and mind. And eventually my husband convinced me the job I loved was killing me, so I retired.

I began to photograph wildlife, which led to articles and photos for the Florida Wildlife Magazine. At that point my husband told me I needed to write a book. And so, I did.

You will find my stories are of women who overcome adversity to find the love they deserve. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll leave a comment for a chance to win an audio book version of A Heart Made for Love.

In A Heart Made For Love, you meet the Hinton family.

In rural Florida, 1903, Mae Hinton cares for her father and younger brothers, trying to fill her deceased mother’s shoes. Her life is shattered and her faith tested when her innocence is stolen by roving miscreants. Left unconscious, unable to identify her attackers, she pledges to help other victimized women. She pursues an education and learns to deal with bigoted ministers, well-to-do hypocrites, and men with higher regard for their livestock than their women.

 Edward Finch is nearly done with medical studies in England when he comes home for the holidays. Love flourishes, and Mae seems close to achieving her dreams of both true love and a haven for victims, once she can explain to him why she carries a pistol. Then her new-found happiness is upset by a murder as one of her attackers returns. 

She may settle this herself…or she may find that vengeance truly belongs to God.

Buy link:  http://amzn.to/2BPmQFR


Twitter: @Linda34434