• Sunday Snippet: The I’m Not Really Here Edition

    Hey mes amies, It’s been a crazy week–Husband and I are celebrating our 50th anniversary with a little break from life. I’m still writing, but there’s other shenanigans going on, too. I’ll be back next week with so fun stuff to tell you, pictures, and a lot of gratitude! Meanwhile, stay safe, stay well, be kind, and most of all, stay grateful!

  • Rollin’ . . . Um, Writin’ on the River

    Hey, it’s Liz and I just took over Nan’s computer! It’s Wednesday, and I gotta say, we have written a ton of words here on the river. This afternoon, we came down to the dining area of the hotel lobby and have been here for a couple of hours. Nan’s talking about thousands of words and I’m saying “yeah, yeah, yeah….” We’ve been winerying, coffeeing, and writing. It is fun. There is homesickness around the edges of the fun, always, and it’s kind of like the best of two worlds. It’s a good time traveling with a good friend and eating at all different kinds of restaurants that wouldn’t thrill…

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