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I’m Blogging!


netflixJust a quick note to let you know that I’m up at the Word Wranglers today, talking about my Netflix addiction. Can anyone relate? Holy cow, for a person who really doesn’t watch much TV, Netflix has completely captured me. And frankly, this is the reason I stopped watching TV regularly–my addictive personality. When Son was a toddler, I was completely hooked on daytime dramas. Once I got the kid down for a nap, I’d watch Ryan’s Hope, All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital right in a row, stuffing my face the entire afternoon. When I finally woke up and realized I was not only shortening my life, but also killing off my brain cells, I quit daytime TV cold turkey. It was hard, seriously. But I’ve never gotten hooked on a TV series again . . . until Netflix.

Now I’m trying to decide if binge-watching a series on Netflix is the same thing as spending every weekday afternoon glued to my television set, while drinking Pepsi and eating cheesy bread and cupcakes. Is it? I dunno. I only watch late at night or at times when I’m taking a break from work or walking on the treadmill, not at times when I should be doing other, more responsible activities. And I’m not eating while I watch, as a matter of fact, often I’m exercising while I watch. And I’m focusing on the story–the storytelling.

I’m rationalizing, I know, but part of how a writer learns is by (in my editor’s words) absorbing narrative. Part of discovery is watching movies and TV and reading voraciously. Netflix isn’t added to a bunch of other stuff I watch on TV every day, it’s the only thing I watch. So . . . well, I think I’ll just enjoy the fact that I live in world where I can watch Scandal on a screen I can hold in my hand. It’s a wonderful time to be alive!

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“I’m Blogging!”

  1. Avatar July 5th, 2016 at 10:15 am Liz Flaherty Says:

    Lol. There’s nothing wrong with watching if that’s what you like doing!

  2. Avatar July 6th, 2016 at 2:32 pm Nan Says:

    It is…and you are so right! Thanks for coming by, Liz!